Microsoft Confirms That Windows Phone 7.8 Won’t Be Available Until “Early 2013″


By now, all you Windows Phone 7 device owners should be well aware that you’re not going to be joining the Windows Phone 8 party. Microsoft has chosen to keep WP8 exclusively on new devices, and won’t be back-porting it to older WP7 devices. As a consolation prize, the old hardware will be getting an […]

Internet Explorer 10 In Windows 8 Will Only Run Flash On Microsoft Whitelisted Sites


Just when you thought the desktop iteration of Windows 8 couldn’t get any worse, we get some news like this. Video distribution firm Brightcove sent a letter to Gizmodo¬†today, indicating that IE10 in Windows 8’s Metro environment won’t run Flash properly, unless the site on which it is embedded is on a Microsoft-curated whitelist. From […]

RetroUI App For Windows 8 Will Let You Pretend Metro UI Doesn’t Exist


Windows 8’s tile-based UI is definitely not for everyone. Some people have gotten used to it now, but many others who have used it since the early Preview builds still hate the Metro UI. Fortunately, a software company called Thinix has come to the rescue of those Metro UI nay-sayers. They’ve just released a Windows […]