Camera Equipped Vans Registered To Apple Spotted In Bay Area


Earlier this week, several mini-vans equipped with Cameras, LiDAR and other sensors, were spotted in the San Francisco Bay Area. According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, these vans are registered to Apple. Now what could Apple be doing with these camera equipped vans? The mini-vans are carrying equipment that are used in self-driving cars or […]

More Details About iOS 8: Apple Will Polish The Maps App And Include Public Transit


In the iOS 6 firmware generation Apple made a bold move and replaced Google Maps with their own mapping platform. Although this decision was met with widespread criticism, especially due to the fact it lacked transit directions, Apple stuck the course and continues to improve it. According to 9To5Mac Apple will be fixing a lot […]

Apple Acquires A Crowdsourced Location Data Company By The Name Of Locationary


Despite the fact that not many people use Apple’s Maps offering now that Google has released an official Maps app, this isn’t stopping the fruit company from improving its Mapping technology. Today Apple has actually acquired a Toronto-based crowdsourced location data company, called Locationary. This deal includes both the team and product data. Considering Apple’s […]

Apple Acquires WifiSLAM Indoor GPS Start-Up For $20 Million


In more mapping news, Apple has acquired an indoor GPS company known as WifiSLAM for about $20 million. The iPhone seller previously bought a 3D mapping company called C3 Technologies, which was then used in iOS 6 Maps. Hence, it is very likely that you will be able to view an indoor map of a […]

Apple Adds Flyover And 3D Buildings To More Cities In Maps

Apple Maps Flyover

Thirty new cities, including Tokyo and London, now support either Apple’s Flyover or 3D buildings. Apple launched its own mapping system on iOS 6, back in September, one that had several inaccuracies and faulty data, leading to what has been known as the company’s “Mapgate”. On September 28th, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook took over the official […]

WSJ: Apple To Sign A Data-Sharing Deal With Foursquare To Improve The iOS 6 Maps App


Apple’s Maps app may not have been a success, but the fruit company is working very hard to win back its loyal customers and improve the mapping application. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is also considering signing a deal with popular location-based social service Foursquare, and use its data to improve the iOS […]

Google Maps For iOS Hit Over 10 Million Downloads In Less Than 48 Hours After Release


The Maps scene on iOS 6 has finally improved, thanks to the newly released Google Maps for iOS. The search engine company had promised that they would bring an official Google Maps app to iOS after Apple decided to ditch Google’s mapping service in iOS 6. Apple payed the price for doing so and had […]

Here’s How To Use Siri To Get Directions From Google Maps


So you’ve got the new Google Maps for iOS, which is about 100 times better than Apple Maps, and you want to use it with Siri. The problem is, Siri only provides directions using Apple’s Maps app. There is however, a small trick that can be used to get directions from Google Maps. No jailbreak […]

MapsOpener Sets The New Google Maps App As Default On iOS 5 and iOS 6 [Cydia Tweak]


Google released an updated version of their Google Maps application on Wednesday night, which is in many ways an improvement over the original Google Maps app that came bundled in iOS 5 and the app in iOS 6 that Tim Cook publicly apologized for. But here’s the familiar problem: on a standard iPhone, iPad, or […]

Mapping Company TomTom May Be In Line For An Apple Acquisition


When Apple decided to ditch Google and make their own mapping service, they needed somewhere to get a whole bunch of map data from, and they needed it in a hurry. As it turns out, they ended up partnering with TomTom, an existing GPS company that has a pretty comprehensive set of map data for […]