Here’s How To Use Siri To Get Directions From Google Maps


So you’ve got the new Google Maps for iOS, which is about 100 times better than Apple Maps, and you want to use it with Siri. The problem is, Siri only provides directions using Apple’s Maps app. There is however, a small trick that can be used to get directions from Google Maps. No jailbreak […]

MapsOpener Sets The New Google Maps App As Default On iOS 5 and iOS 6 [Cydia Tweak]


Google released an updated version of their Google Maps application on Wednesday night, which is in many ways an improvement over the original Google Maps app that came bundled in iOS 5 and the app in iOS 6 that Tim Cook publicly apologized for. But here’s the familiar problem: on a standard iPhone, iPad, or […]

How To: Report A Problem With iOS 6 Maps To Make It Suck Less


Yesterday widespread reports of problems with the iOS 6 maps app rolled in, and both Apple and TomTom spokespeople were available for comment. Essentially their take on the matter is that the iOS 6 maps app is a major initiative that Apple is just getting started with, and it will take time to improve its […]

How To: Get Google Maps Back On Your iOS 6 Device’s Home Screen


As anyone who’s upgraded to iOS 6 knows, Google Maps has been replaced with Apple’s own mapping system, and to be frank, it’s bloody terrible. We’ve reported on it’s numerous shortcomings, which include all sorts of things that make it largely useless for day-to-day navigation. It’s a huge step backwards from the Google Maps app that […]

How To: Enable 3D Maps On Your iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4G


About a week ago we showed you in a video what the new 3D Maps application would look like on the new iPad running the iOS 6 firmware. While the new 3D functionality and turn-by-turn directions is truly amazing to say the least, it is limited to the iPhone 4S and new iPad. Meaning that even […]

Geocachers Rejoice! Coordinates For Maps Shows GPS Coordinates On The iPhone’s Built-In Maps App [Cydia]


Geocaching is an outdoor activity that involves looking for clues and hidden “caches” of trinkets (geoswag) with a GPS. Think of it as an amateur version of the Amazing race. While Maps accepts coordinates as input, it doesn’t display them. A tweak was made available on Cydia yesterday which can make the process of finding […]