Apple Plans To Begin Manufacturing Macs In The USA


Manufacturing consumer electronics in the United States hasn’t proven to be the easiest task in the world for companies who have tried it recently. Google tried it with the Nexus Q, and the media streamer never made it to widespread commercial availability (though it had plenty of issues that weren’t related to its country of […]

Apple Finds New Battery Suppliers, As Samsung Stops Supplying Them


According to a TechCrunch report today, Apple will be getting their Macbook and iPad batteries from a new supplier, as Samsung SDI (the division of Samsung that makes batteries) has ditched their arrangement with Apple. The iPad maker will now be sourcing their batteries from two Chinese firms, Amperex Technology Limited and Tianjin Lishen Battery. […]

New iMacs Might Not Reach Apple Stores Until 2013


We heard last month from Apple CEO Tim Cook that the new iMac was facing significant shortages, and might be somewhat delayed in its arrival. Now, it looks like it might not make it in time for the holiday shopping season at all. According to a French Mac blog, the new iMac will be delayed […]

Foxconn May Open Manufacturing Plants In The United States


If you’re a fan of flagrant human rights violations, and you’re looking for a job in the United States right now, we’ve got some good news for you: Foxconn may be coming to America. According to a report from Digitimes, the Chinese manufacturer is considering opening some factories in the United States, and they’re looking […]

Foxconn Officially States It Is Having A Hard Time Coping With The Demand For The iPhone 5


It had long been rumored that Foxconn was seriously struggling in coping with the demand for the iPhone 5. This stems not only from there being so many people wanting the iPhone 5, but also Apple’s stringent quality control guidelines that makes the yield rate lower for the anodized aluminum body. According to Yahoo Taiwan’s Foxconn […]