Error-O-Pedia For Siri Tells You What’s Wrong With iTunes, Windows, HTTP [Cydia Tweak]


Did your computer just spit out an error? Chances are the message wasn’t too helpful by itself. Off the top of your head, what does iTunes Error -50 mean? What do you do to fix it? If you have an iDevice with Siri and AssistantExtension installed, you can download the Error-O-Pedia plugin and tell Siri […]

Create Custom Application Badges With The AppTag Cydia Tweak


Application notification badges are liked by some and hated by others. If you don’t mind the red application badges then you may want to check out the AppTag Cydia tweak that can create custom badges on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad applications. Though this may not be the most useful Cydia tweak I am […]

FivelRows Cydia Tweak Adds 5 Rows To iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Homescreen


Do you want more space to place apps on your SpringBoard (homescreen)? Then look no further than the FivelRows Cydia tweak! The FivelRows Cydia tweak will add an extra row to your SpringBoard bringing you to 5 rows total. This allows you to place more apps per page and also easily set-up themes requiring a […]