United States Working Towards Making Unlocking Legal Once Again

unlocking iPhone legal

Unlocking your smartphone was perfectly legal in the United States until January of this year, when an exemption in the Digital Millenium Copyright Act expired and it was decided that the process would become illegal. Of course this caused a big uproar and resulted in one petition getting over 100,000 signatures which required the White House […]

The White House Responds: ‘It’s Time to Legalize Cell Phone Unlocking’


Remember we told you about that a petition was submitted to the White House to make unlocking of iPhones and other smartphones legal? Well, the White House has now responded to the petition, which got the required number of signatures, and it’s quite a good response. The officials at the White House believe that unlocking […]

Viacom Announces “hAPPy Ending” To Legal Disputes With Time Warner, Allows Content Through TWC TV App


Viacom and Time Warner Cable have “resolved their pending disputes” according to yesterday’s post on Viacom’s official blog. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Viacom, it’s the parent company to MTV, BET, Comedy Central, Paramount, Nickelodeon, Spike TV, and other popular entertainment brands. This means that subscribers to Time Warner Cable’s service will […]

Portal For Android Will Not Be Seeing The Light Of Day Anytime Soon


Last month, we told you about the Portal game port for Android devices and how you could try it out even though it was just in alpha. Now though, the developers of the game for Android devices are saying that they’re going to stop the development on the game. Why? Well, the guys who were […]

EFF Staff Attorney Mitch Stoltz Talks About The Legality Of Jailbreaking


Earlier in January we told you that the EFF were fighting to renew the DMCA exemption that made Jailbreaking mobile devices legal. The EFF are even fighting to make Jailbreaking tablets and consoles legal, by adding new exemptions to the DMCA. Engadget recently had the chance to sit down with the staff attorney of the EFF, […]

Apple Continues To Protect Its iBrand


Apple has always loved throwing “i” in front of their products including the iPad, iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iMac, and the iBook, which explains why they are so protective of it. According to The Next Web, a new smartphone case, that is in New Zealand seems to be Apple’s next target. Dubbed the “driPhone” it is […]

Learn Everything About SOPA And PIPA With This INFOGRAPHIC


If you still don’t know what all the fuss about the Internet not being free and open was, then you have no clue about SOPA or PIPA. Well, it’s better to know something rather than know nothing. People who live and breathe Internet will obviously know what I’m talking about, but others will still be […]

Sign This Petition By EFF To Keep Jailbreaking Legal [Jailbreaking Is NOT A Crime]


Few days ago, we told you about the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) helping in keeping jailbreaking legal. This was in regard to the expiration of the Jailbreaking exemption to the DMCA added on July 2010. Now, it’s high time that users who support jailbreaking and want to continue jailbreaking to take action and send your comments to the Copyright offices […]

EFF Aims To Make Jailbreaking Legal For All Electronic Devices [Playstation 3, BlackBerry etc.]


Jailbreakers everywhere should look up to the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation). You see, back in July of 2010 the EFF helped pass a law that made Jailbreaking (gaining root access) to Apple iOS devices legal in the United States. Jailbreaking could not have progressed as much as it had, if it all, if this law […]

Major Corporations are Turning Attention to Jailbreaking!


An interesting article appeared on ModMyi this morning that gives some real hope for jailbreaking! You see Scion, a brand of vehicles manufactured by Toyota, recently developed a custom iPhone/iPod Touch theme specifically for jailbroken iDevices in which they have submitted it for hosting through Cydia (ModMyi repo). The other interesting aspect to this is that they are […]