Apple Faces New Lawsuit Over Storage Taken Up By iOS 8


Because iOS 8 eats up a lot of space provided on an iOS device for its functioning, Apple now faces a new lawsuit. The law firm claims that Apple doesn’t inform consumers about this when they’re purchasing an iOS device. According to the lawsuit filed at San Francisco Bay federal court, iOS 8 can take up around 23 […]

Apple Loses iPhone Trademark In Brazil


It’s not the first time Apple has found itself in a legal battle over the iPhone brand. Cisco was the first company to sue Apple in 2007 because one of its business phones was also called “iPhone”. Following this, on the 25th of October of last year, a Mexico City court denied an appeal made by Apple, […]

Judge Koh Calls For “Global Peace” As Apple v Samsung Appeals Begin


Yesterday marked the beginning of yet another chapter in the Apple v. Samsung saga, as it was the first day of Samsung’s appeal against the verdict from earlier this year. If the verdict stands as-is, it would have Samsung paying Apple over one billion dollars in patent infringement damages, but that’s not necessarily going to […]

Google Boss Eric Schmidt Says It’s “Extremely Curious” That Apple Hasn’t Sued Them


One can always rely on Eric Schmidt to give you some interesting tidbits of info about life at Google. The former CEO and current executive chairman of Google speaks with a frank, casual demeanor that’s almost unheard of from high-level executives at big companies like Google, and his comments are often a refreshing break from the PR […]

Apple Wins Another Lawsuit Against Samsung, This Time In The Netherlands


The somewhat silly battle between rival tech giants Samsung and Apple continues to be waged in courtrooms across the globe, and another verdict has now fallen in favour of Apple. This most recent case between the two smartphone makers took place in the Netherlands, and revolved around that same old pesky rubber-banding patent that Apple […]

Six More Samsung Products Added To Round Two Of Apple v. Samsung


The smartphone arch rivals Apple and Samsung are heading back to court next year for another round of patent infringement allegations, this time concerning all the devices that are too new to have made it into the first big patent case that reached a verdict earlier this year. Most of the big new products from […]

Apple Has Been Granted A Patent On An Actual Rounded Rectangle


Remember back when the big Apple vs. Samsung case was going on, and everyone was joking about how Apple thought they invented the concept of a rounded rectangle? That was the crux of a lot of their “trade dress” arguments during the case, as they claimed that Samsung’s tablets had the same rounded rectangle shape […]

Apple Posts Updated Apology To Samsung On U.K. Website


Following the recent posting of a new apology in U.K newspapers, Apple has now updated its apology on the U.K website. The new apology is partially visible on the bottom of the homepage with a link to the complete post. The U.K court asked Apple to rewrite their apology to Samsung, because it was found […]

FaceTime And Messages Apps Earn Apple A New Patent Infringement Suit


Apple might be a big fan of patent infringement suits when they’re the ones doing the suing, but patent law is a double edged sword. Apple is now going to be occupying the defendant seat for once, as they’re getting sued by a company called Intercarrier Communications for alleged infringement on messaging patents. Intercarrier says both […]

Apple Asked To Change Apology To Samsung Within 48 Hours, UK Court Finds It ‘Non-Compliant’


Apple recently posted an apology to Samsung on their UK website, stating that Samsung did not copy the iPad. However, the UK court has found the statement ‘non-compliant’ to the original agreement. Now, the UK court has ordered Apple to change their statement and post it on their home page, instead of providing a link to it on […]