Unlocking Your Smartphone Could Land You A $500,000 Fine And Imprisonment For 5 Years

Last year the Librarian of Congress announced that unlocking your cellular device would become illegal after January 26th, 2013. Well, the day has come and it is now illegal to unlock your smartphone without the permission of your carrier. I am sure you are wondering just what happens if you break the law and unlock […]

Steve Jobs’ Dream Of Being Willy Wonka Foiled By State Of California


“Nobody ever goes in, nobody ever comes out, but he sells iMacs by the truckload.” We all knew that Steve Jobs was secretive, but would you believe he was a fan of Roald Dahl’s stories? (Those books were really dark. I had nightmares from The Witches well into highschool.) Ken Segall’s new book Insanely Simple: […]

The Problem With The Current Patent Process [InfoGram]


Nowadays you go to any technology related blog, and just search “patent” and you are blasted with pages of posts which relate to either new patents, infringing patents, and the legal battle over patent infringement. If we take a step back and wonder why is this¬†happening, we come up with what the team over at […]