Amazon Takes Aim At The iPad In Latest Kindle Paperwhite Commercial [Video]

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Usually Microsoft is the company to take stabs at the iPad, but it’s definitely not the only one. Amazon has recently taken aim to the iPad in a series of Kindle Paperwhite ads that prove how it is superior to the iPad for reading books and it would be hard to argue otherwise. The iPad […]

Apple Will Have Some Fierce Competition From Amazon This Year In The Tablet Front


Forget about Apple and Google today we have some exciting news from BGR about Amazon and its tablet plans for this year with its Kindle lineup. According to the report from BGR Amazon is planning a complete overhaul of its Kindle Fire tablet linup for 2013, which is a big deal considering one study found that Kindles […]

JunoWallet: Legally Get Mobile App Apps And Gift Cards For Free!

JunoWallet statistics as of  December 2012

Are you using AppSync to get apps free or would you just like to be legal and purchase apps via the App Store? Well, I would like to introduce you to a mobile app which lets you do just that, free of charge! JunoWallet, an app on all major mobile OS’s, where you install and […]

The Tablet Showdown: Nexus 10 vs. Surface vs. Kindle Fire HD vs. iPad 4

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The last few weeks have brought a whole ton of new tablets to the market, and it’s about time we take a look at how they all stack up to one another. The oldest tablet on the list is the Kindle Fire HD, which has been with us for just a few weeks now, so […]

Amazon Mocks Apple’s iPad Mini With New Ad On Homepage, ‘Much More For Much Less’

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If you head over to Amazon’s homepage, you’ll be greeted with a giant Kindle Fire HD vs iPad Mini ad. The ad is titled ‘Much More for Much Less’ and lists all of the strong points of the Kindle Fire HD and how you can get all that for just $199. Yes, the iPad Mini […]

Record Number Of Kindle Fire HD’s Sold The Day After iPad Mini’s Announcement, Says Amazon


Apparently sales of Kindle Fire HD’s weren’t affected by the release of Apple’s 7.9-inch iPad Mini tablet. According to Amazon, they saw a record number of Kindle Fire HD sales on the day after the iPad Mini announcement. No statistics were released to confirm this, so we’re not sure what ‘record number’ means, but it […]

Rumor: Amazon In Talks To Buy Texas Instruments’ Processor Division


There’s no denying that Amazon is a big fan of the processors coming out of Texas Instruments these days; the company has provided the CPUs for several Amazon devices recently, including the new Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD. It may come as no surprise, then, that Amazon is considering by that whole division of […]

Amazon Video Shows You Just How The New Kindle’s Paperwhite Screen Works


When Amazon announced their new lineup of Kindle tablets at the beginning of September, the new Kindle Fire got most of the attention by offering a worthy Nexus 7 competitor for just $169. It wasn’t the only thing announced at the time, though; Amazon also showed off their new e-ink kindle, and its new Paperwhite […]

First TV Spot For The New Kindle Fire HD Appears [VIDEO]


Yesterday, many of the rumors surrounding the future of Amazon’s Kindle tablet lineup were finally put to rest, as Amazon announced the full new lineup of Kindle devices. It includes a new e-book reader called the Paperwhite, an update to the basic Kindle Fire, and an all-new higher end tablet called the Kindle Fire HD. […]

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD Will Also Come In A 7-Inch And 4G LTE Varient


Amazon held a press conference today where they unveiled a brand new line of Kindles, an updated Kindle Fire and even a completely new product – the Kindle Fire HD. Originally it was thought the Kindle Fire HD would only be an 8.7-inch tablet, but it turns out Amazon is offering two other variations of […]