P0sixninja Says He Has Been Working On Something “Bigger Than A Jailbreak”


In the middle of June we told you that the Chronic Dev-Team announced that they would have a surprise for us all alongside an announcement that their blog would be getting an overhaul. At the time of writing the article we stated we didn’t know just what a “surprise” was referring to, but one of our […]

No, The Gr1mra1n Jailbreak Is Not Real But A Bootrom Exploit May Be In The Works


Last week Joshua Hill (@p0sixninja)–the developer behind GreenPois0n and once a central figure to the Chronic-Dev Team–described the current status of an iPhone 5 jailbreak as “grim”, while saying he was currently “working on something bigger and few people share with me anymore”. It wasn’t clear what Hill meant; it’s possible Hill didn’t think a […]

Hacker P0sixninja Is No Longer Part Of The Chronic-Dev Team


If you have not heard of the hacker @P0sixninja (Joshua Hill) and you are in the Jailbreaking scene then I would be seriously surprised. P0sixninja has been responsible for numerous Jailbreaks throughout the years and was the developer behind GreenPois0n, Chronic-Dev Crash Reporter and even Absinthe. He was also one of the head members of the Chronic […]

iJailbreak Wishes Hacker P0sixninja A Happy Birthday!


If you are in to Jailbreaking and have not heard of the hacker P0sixninja I would be very surprised. P0sixNinja, who’s real name is Joshua Hill, is one of the head members of Chronic-Dev which has developed a variety of software and exploits for the Jailbreaking community. Some of the software P0sixninja and Chronic-Dev have […]

MyGreatFest: Developer of GreenPois0n (P0sixninja) Will be Attending and Speaking!


Unless you have been hiding underneath a rock the last few months you have most likely heard of MyGreatFest – the jailbreaking communities first convention solely focused on the jailbreaking. While it has been known that Jay Freeman (Saurik) the creator of Cydia, will be attending the event held on September 17th in London. A […]

Are the Dev-Team working on an Alternative to iTunes? [My Top 5 Feature Requests]


I found an interesting discovery today while briefly scanning Joshua Hill’s (P0sixninja) twitter account. In fact this discovery could very well mean the Dev-Team are working on an alternative to iTunes for jailbreakers. Now why would the Dev-Team spend time creating an iTunes alternative? Well I assume it would be because if users started using an […]