Apple Fixes Smart App Banner Bug Which Enabled JavaScript Without Your Permission In iOS 6.1


Back in December of 2012 we told you about a JavaScript bug that had to do with Apple’s new smart app banners that essentially allow developers to promote their applications when you visit their website in a banner that looks native. The bug had to do with the fact that these banners could bypass your JavaScript settings, enabling it automatically […]

Learn HTML, CSS And JavaScript In This Regularly $600 Course For Only $69


Have you ever wanted to get a start in computer programming, but got too flustered when you realized all the options for doing so? There are books, free information on the web, premium courses, heck you can even go to school and take courses in computer programming. Choosing the right form of education is never […]

“Serious Privacy And Security Vulnerability” Discovered In The iOS 6 Firmware Generation

iOS 6 Javascript bug

A bug in iOS 6 has been discovered by AppleInsider today that relates to JavaScript. You see, in the iOS 6 firmware generation Apple introduced a new feature called “Smart App Banners” that essentially allow developers to promote their applications when you visit their website in a banner that looks native. The problem is, is […]

Nitrous Cydia Tweak Gives Chrome (And Other Non-Safari Web Browsers) A Speedy JavaScript Edge


You might have noticed that Chrome on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is noticeably slower than Mobile Safari. That’s along with every web browser on iOS, even the browsers built into services like Facebook. Other web browsers don’t have access to the Nitro JavaScript engine, or any just-in-time compiler, because the feature could (in […]