Apple Has Released A Java Update For Mac OS X That Fixes Vulnerability Used By Hackers


Recently, Apple was attacked by a group of hackers who breached a certain number of Macs owned by employees. It wasn’t a major attack and nothing was really stolen, leaked or affected. Apple later confirmed to a publication that a tool will be released, which would help in eradicating any Java related threats on Mac […]

Apple Has Been Attacked By The Same Hackers Who Targeted Facebook, New Security Software Coming Soon

It has been reported this morning that Apple has been attacked by the same hackers who targeted Facebook recently. The security breach was nothing major, and speaking to Reuters Apple has said that only a small number of employee Macs were breached. The fruit company will indeed be working with the authorities however, to investigate […]

Yahoo Installs Four Year Old Java Via SiteBuilder

Yahoo SiteBuilder

I hope this comes as no surprise to our readers, it is extremely important to keep your version of Java up to date. We have seen many campaigns from large corporations recently including Apple, Microsoft, Google, and even the Department of Defense warning to completely disable Java and if you must use it turn it on for […]

Latest Update For OS X Removes Java Applet Plugin


As part of their ongoing attempt to make the internet a more plugin-free environment, Apple has removed their built-in Java applet from OS X as of the latest update. The patch notes for the most recent update include the item, “This update uninstalls the Apple-provided Java applet plugin from all web browsers. To use applets […]

A New Serious Java Exploit Discovered That Effects All Mac OS X And Windows Versions


The folks over at ComputerWorld point our attention to a serious Java zero-day exploit that was recently discovered by Adam Gowdiak, the CEO of a Polish security firm. Apparently this Java exploit can actually be leveraged to hijack a machine with Java and install malware. All modern version of Java are effected by this bug […]

Apple Releases Important Java Update For OS X 10.6, 10.7 And 10.8 [Download Now]


Java is an important platform first released by Sun Microsystems that many web and desktop applications are built around. The only unfortunate side to Java is that it has not had the best run in the security field. In fact, just near the end of August CTO of Metasploit, Tod Beardsley discovered a new zero-day exploit that […]

Java Zero-Day Exploit Leaves Macs At High Risk, It Is Recommended You Disable Java Right Away


Gone are the days where people could buy a Mac and not have to worry about any malicious access or attacks. There have been several exploits found, including this new one that ComputerWorld reports was found by Tod Beardsley, CTO of Metasploit. This new vulnerability is present only in Java 7, not previous versions including […]

Apple Releases Flashback Removal Tool For Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Users


The Flashback Malware is still around, and still infecting older Mac computers and some new ones too. The Malware uses a Java exploit to attack Mac OS X based computers. Apple released the Flashback Removal Tool to take care of the problem, but it wasn’t compatible with any other operating systems other than Mac OS […]

New Trojan Called ‘Backdoor.OSX.SabPub.a’ Affecting Mac OS X Via Microsoft Office


The Flashback days are not yet over and here comes another Trojan! Mac OS X has been taking the hit from a certain Flashback malware that supposedly affected more than 600,000 computers. Apple has already taken enough steps and released Java updates and even a standalone Flashback malware removal tool to keep its users safe. […]

Learn How to Browse the Web with Flash by your Side!


Have you ever been disappointed by the fact that the iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad, all do not have flash capabilities? I know for one that I have, and I have been looking for an easy way to browse the web with flash. Today must of been my lucky day because I certainly did find an easy solution […]