Apple May Unveil The iWatch In September With UV Light Sensor


Various new reports have surfaced claiming that Apple will announce the much rumored iWatch in September, possibly with a UV light exposure sensor. Firstly, Taiwan’s Economic Daily News (DigiTimes) reported that they’ve come upon a bill of materials for a smartwatch. According to the report, Quanta Computer will be heading the production of the iWatch. While Ricktek would provide [...]

One Of The Best iPhone And iWatch Concepts You Have Seen So Far


Another day and we have some more concepts which have caught our eye and are worth sharing. The first is an iPhone 6 concept, now yes we have seen a lot of iPhone 6 concepts over the month, but this one is probably the best we have seen so far and one of the most [...]

Do You Prefer A Traditional Design For The iWatch? [Concept]


Ever since the rumors began that Apple could be looking into releasing a smartwatch we have seen numerous concepts from various designers. Most of the concepts depict the iWatch to be a glorified fitness band, but this isn’t how Gábor Balogh, a freelance designer from Hungary, envisions Apple’s smartwatch. He took the traditional watch and bundled [...]

Apple’s iWatch Is Likely Going To Be Much Simpler Than Anticipated


We have been hearing a lot of rumors lately about proposed iWatch functionality, but you may be disappointed to hear that the iWatch is apparently going to be a lot simpler than expected. According to a recent report by MobiHealthNews Apple is putting a lot of effort into the iWatch. It has over 200 people working [...]

Don’t Miss Out Seeing This Nike+ FuelBand Inspired iWatch Concept Running iOS 7


We have seen a ton of iWatch concepts, but more or less, they all look the same… don’t you agree? Well not this iWatch concept from Todd Hamilton. He has improved on a concept he released a few months back which is essentially a Nike+ FuelBand inspired design with a narrow touchscreen running “iWatch” optimized [...]

iWatch Production Could Be Seeing Poor Yield Rates Due To Issues With Body Finish Treatments


It has been long expected that the iWatch would be released in 2014 with several reports believing that it would drop in the latter half of the year as the company works to address technical challenges. So just what kind of technical challenges are we talking about specifically? If you asked DigiTimes one of these [...]

Apple’s iWatch Coming October 2014 With Wireless Charging [Report]

iPod Nano Watch

According to a recent report from the Chinese Technology publication C Technology (via MacRumors) Apple is planning on releasing the long-rumored iWatch alongside the next iPhone in October 2014. Reportedly the company has been testing two iWatch prototypes, as it cannot decide upon the final screen size of the device (previously rumoured to be 1.7 [...]

Manufacture Quanta Could Be Responsible For iPad Maxi And iWatch Mass Production


It wouldn’t be a Monday without your dose of iPad Maxi and iWatch rumours would it? Today the hit-or-miss publication DigiTimes has reported that an Apple supplier by the name of Quanta Computer which currently assembles the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro could be tasked with manufacturing Apple’s next two big products. Just what are [...]

Apple Could Release Two iWatch Models: One For Men And One For Women


According to a new report from David Hsieh of DisplaySearch Apple is currently looking into releasing the iWatch in two sizes: a 1.3-inch model for women and a 1.7-inch model for men. This lines up with previous reports that Apple is testing multiple screen sizes. Hsieh actually has a pretty good track record in predicting Apple’s [...]

Apple Reportedly Puts iTV On Hold For Wearables Like The iWatch


Apple has been rumored to be working on a television set for several years now, and near the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 we actually heard quite a few rumors from reputable sources that we would actually see Apple release its television set in the near future. But all of a sudden [...]