The iTV Isn’t Dead, Will Be Released 2015/2016 According To Reputable Analyst


Gene Munster has been predicted that Apple would release an iTV of sorts for years now and he has been wrong every year. As such when he recently predicted Apple would release an iTV in 2015 I held off on reporting on it… but today things get interesting. The reputable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities […]

Don’t Miss Checking Out This Curved-Glass Apple Television Concept


Just yesterday we reported that Apple reportedly put the iTV on hold for wearables like the iWatch, but this doesn’t mean we have to completely forget about it. Martin Hajek has just released an amazing concept of what a full-on television set from Apple could look like and it takes cues from the curved-glass iPhone […]

Apple Reportedly Puts iTV On Hold For Wearables Like The iWatch


Apple has been rumored to be working on a television set for several years now, and near the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 we actually heard quite a few rumors from reputable sources that we would actually see Apple release its television set in the near future. But all of a sudden […]

Apple Considering 55 And 65-Inch 4K Panels From LG For The iTV

Apple TV Time Warner Cable Agreement

The rumor mill has been turning at full speed lately with rumors regarding the iPhone 5S, entry-level iPhone, 5th generation iPad and iPad Mini 2. Heck there has even been some iWatch goodness thrown in there, but one things that has been missing is the iTV. The last real iTV report we heard about was […]

If Apple Was Working On An iTV Then This Is How It Would Function [VIDEO]

Sam Beckett Apple TV Concept

Apple release a TV has been a hot topic the past year or so and whether or not the fruit company has plans to revolutionize the TV is unbeknownst, but that hasn’t stopped people from creating some amazing concepts. Today we dive into probably one of the most polished Apple TV concepts we have ever seen. […]

Apple To Release An Ultra HD ‘4K’ TV With Voice And Motion Control By The End Of 2013 [Report]

Apple has been rumored to be working on a television for a long time now. In fact, Tim Cook practically said the company was looking into innovating the TV. Now a new report comes from Digitimes that Apple is indeed continuing to develop a TV, that some are calling the iTV, which is likely to support Ultra HD (3840×2160) […]

Could The Rumored Apple iWatch Be A Television?

We have been hearing a lot of rumors that Apple is developing an iWatch over the last few months. In fact, Samsung has even been rumored to be working on a watch in response to all of the iWatch rumors. Now a rumor is going around that the iWatch is actually a T.V. Just think […]

If Apple Were To Make An iTV, This Is How It Should Look [VIDEO]

Apple iTV

Rumors about Apple releasing their very own television set have been around since last year, actually even before last year. Various major websites have also reported that the fruit company is working on a television. So far, the company has denied everything and anything that has the world television attached. They may never build one, […]

Rumors Point To A 2014 Apple TV Debut, Initial Test Production Is Apparently Underway


Although it is unlikely that Apple will release a holographic TV anytime soon, the fruit company is expected to release a TV between 46 and 55 inches by 2014. According to an employee of Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. — the company which owns Foxconn — initial testing of Apple’s television sets have gotten underway. It […]

Rumor: Apple Testing Television Sets In Asia


As with all the current crop of Apple television rumors, take this with a huge grain of salt, but the Wall Street Journal has a new report that indicates Apple may be working with its Asian manufacturing partners to develop the high-def TV set they’re supposedly working on. If true, it means the rumored Apple […]