iWatch 2: FaceTime Camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth And More [Concept]


Apple users love to look at concepts of how future iPhones or other Apple related products would look like and what features they would have. From the same creators of the iPhone SJ concept, which we all loved, here’s another one called the iWatch 2. The iWatch 2 is the successor to the original iWatch […]

Watch The Official iPhone SJ Concept Video


Earlier In January we told you about a beautiful iPhone concept called iPhone SJ (Steve Jobs). This concept was so-well thought out that it made a lot of people think they were staring at the actual upcoming iPhone 5. The bright mind behind iPhone SJ is Antonio De Rosa, founder of ADR Studios. He has proposed an iPhone that […]

iPhone SJ Concept Makes You Wish It Were Real


The concepts keep coming, but the best of them always keep us wishing they were real. So is the case with this new iPhone concept from designer Antonio De Rosa, founder of ADR Studios. He has managed to make a concept so beautiful and realistic, that it makes you want to ask Apple to make the next […]