Apple’s Phil Schiller Says They Will Never Produce A Cheap Smartphone [Updated]


Recently, we’ve been hearing reports of Apple developing a cheaper and low-end iPhone from various major publications. Both the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg reported that they’ve heard from credible sources about a cheaper iPhone in the works. However, Apple’s SVP of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, says that the company has no plans of ever producing a […]

WSJ And Bloomberg Also Report New Cheaper iPhone Coming In Late 2013


Yesterday, DigiTimes reported that Apple will be coming out with a new cheaper low-end version of the iPhone later this year. Now, major publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg are also reporting the same. Late yesterday, the Wall Street Journal chimed in on the ‘iPhone mini’ rumors and reported that Apple is […]

Apple To Release Low Cost iPhone In China? [RUMOR]


A China Times article from Friday reports that Apple allegedly is planning to launch a new iPhone which will compete with the low-cost phone market. While this may or may not be the case, I am not sure how BGR takes this as a sign that an “Entry-level ‘iPhone nano’ [is] again rumored to launch this […]

Is this the new iPhone Nano? [Concept by Rudberg]


There have been rumors floating around the web lately about a new proposed iPhone nano that will be released later this year. Whether this is true or not only Apple knows, however Rudberg (developer of popular jailbreaking themes such as Glasklart HD and Serious SBSettings HD) has suggested that such an idea could actually play out. […]

New iPhone Nano: Cheaper And Smaller! (First Details)


The iPhone is probably the greatest phone to date, and yet the thinnest. Now, Apple will try to top themselves in their upcoming release…a smaller iPhone. Yes, as if the 4.5 by 2.3 inches of the iPhone 4 was not small enough, those who feel it is massive can no longer complain. The ‘iPhone Nano’ […]