Report: iPad Pro To Feature USB 3.0, Mouse And Keyboard Connectivity And Faster Charging

ipad pro concept

According a new report coming from the Wall Street Journal, Apple is working on adding features such as USB 3.0, multiple ports for Mouse and Keyboard connectivity and faster charging to the rumored 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Rumors for Apple’s larger iPad haven’t exactly been making news, but this new report from WSJ re-ignites the fire. Whether […]

This Leaked Sketch From Foxconn Could Be Of The iPad Pro


We haven’t been hearing a lot about the rumored 12-inch iPad lately, but that is going to change in the coming months. Last Sunday, the French blog posted a picture of what is claimed to be rumored iPad Pro or iPad Plus or whatever you want to call it. The picture is a sketch that […]

The iPad Air 2 Drop Test [VIDEO]

iPad Air 2 Drop Test

Apple released the new iPad Air 2 at an event on October 16th. The iPad Air 2 features an improved display, faster A8X processor, new GPU, TouchID and better front and back cameras. The iPad Air 2 is faster than the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, thanks to the new processor. Most reviewers found the […]

The iPad Mini 3 Is Here Too


After announcing the new iPad Air 2 with A8X processor and TouchID, Apple also gave the iPad mini some love, which lasted about 10 seconds. The iPad mini 3 got a few seconds of stage time and maybe a slide or two showing what’s not new. Apple didn’t update the iPad mini 3 or so […]

Apple Announces iPad Air 2: Thinner, Faster And Comes In Gold


As speculated and leaked, Apple has taken wraps off the brand new iPad Air 2, which is thinner than its predecessor. The event is currently ongoing at Apple’s Town Hall Campus in Cupertino, California. The iPad Air 2, which was leaked in its full glory by Apple, has now been made official. It comes with […]

Samsung’s New Galaxy Tab S Ads Point Out How iPad Lacks Good Screen And Multitasking


Samsung released two new TV ads for their Galaxy Tab S yesterday and also pointed how the iPad lacks a good display and true multitasking. This isn’t the first time that Samsung has compared their tablets to the iPad and its lack of multitasking or an AMOLED display. Just last week, Samsung posted an ad […]

New Videos Show Off Dummy 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 And iPad Air 2

iphone 6-5.5-inch-comparison

Here are some new videos that were posted online this week which show dummy units of the iPhone 6 and the iPad Air 2. I know we’ve seen plenty of videos comparing the dummy iPhone 6 with other devices. However, we haven’t seen many videos that show us what the next iPad Air might look […]

Code In iOS 8 Shows Split Screen View Is In The Works


Looks like last months report on Apple implementing split screen view on the iPad is true after all. The company did not mention such a feature at WWDC last week, but new code in iOS 8 reveals that Apple has indeed been working on bringing split screen view to users. iOS developer Steven Troughton-Smith has come […]

Xcode 6 Hints At Larger iPhone And iPad


Apart from releasing OS X 10.10 Yosemite developer preview and the first beta of iOS 8, Apple also seeded a new beta of Xcode 6. People have already started looking for clues as to what’s coming and Mac4Ever came across something that almost confirms that a larger iPhone and even a larger iPad is on […]

Supposed iPad Air 2 Front Panel Photos Leaked


Leaks, leaks, leaks! The last few weeks have seen a lot of Apple product leaks. Legit or fake, we just don’t know. Earlier today, the Dutch site One More Thing, shared some photos of what is supposedly the front panel of the rumored iPad Air 2. After recent iPhone 6 leaks, it’s time the iPad Air 2 got […]