The iOS4.2 Firmware May Be Delayed Due to iPad Wifi Issues!


If you have been keeping up with the Hype on the iOS4.2 firmware, you may have known that it was actually set to be released Friday November 12th (tomorrow). That being said, numerous iPad users have been reporting problems with Wifi Connections after the installation of the iOS4.2GM firmware. Apparently, once you connect to a […]

Apple Has Released the iOS4.2 GM firmware to Developers! [Official Release Soon]


This is just a quick heads up to alert you that Apple has just seeded the iOS4.2 GM firmware to developers. Why is this important? When Apple seeds a GM version of a firmware, it means that it is the pre-release of that firmware file. After the GM stage of testing has been complete, Apple […]

The GreenPois0n Jailbreak Gets Its Very Own Website! [iOS4.1 Jailbreak]


A few days ago we reported that Greenpois0n may be the next jailbreaking tool for the iOS4.1 firmware. Greenpois0n was said to be using the SHAtter exploit developed by Pod2g and P0sixninja. It turns out that GreenPois0n also has its own website, and if you head over to you will see that it resembles […]