The Dev-Team Shows us the SHAtter Exploit! [GreenP0ison + The Pwnage Tool Coming Soon]


Today we received some great news from the Dev-Team, and this news means they are one step closer to releasing the iOS4.1 jailbreak. From a video the Dev-Team posted on their blog today, they showed off an iPod Touch 4G jailbroken with the PwnageTool. The Dev Team was able to use the SHAtter, discovered by […]

The GreenPois0n Jailbreak Gets Its Very Own Website! [iOS4.1 Jailbreak]


A few days ago we reported that Greenpois0n may be the next jailbreaking tool for the iOS4.1 firmware. Greenpois0n was said to be using the SHAtter exploit developed by Pod2g and P0sixninja. It turns out that GreenPois0n also has its own website, and if you head over to you will see that it resembles […]

The iOS4.1 Firmware Will Be Released September 8th!


According to 9to5Mac – Apple’s United Kingdom and France websites both state that the iOS4.1 firmware for the iPhone and iPodTouch, will be released on September 8th. For those of you who are desperately waiting, thats just a mere 4 days away! Soon we will all get access to Game Center, HDR Photos, iTunes Ping […]

Apple Introduces the iOS4.1 Software Update! [Release Next Week]


Apple has just announced some details on the new iOS4.1 firmware. This is what they said: “A lot of bugs have been fixed. Proximity sensor bugs, Bluetooth bugs, iPhone 3G performance bugs. All the bugs we get mails on.” They also added some new features such as HDR (High Dynamic Range photos); a new 4.1 […]

Apple Has Released iOS 4.1 Beta 2 To Developers!


Just a quick update for everyone, Apple just release the iOS4.1 Beta 2 firmware to developers. There hasn’t been much added to this new beta, except for some proximity sensor fixes and GKvoice; which is VoIP functionality for games. There is no point in trying to upgrade your iDevice to this beta firmware as it […]