How To: Jailbreak The 2nd Generation Apple TV Untethered On The 5.2 Firmware With Seas0nPass [Mac OS X / Windows]

The Apple TV 5.2 firmware actually brought about quite a few noteworthy features such as Bluetooth support for input devices such as keyboards. As such, a lot of people have been wanting to Jailbreak their Apple TV Untethered on the 5.2 firmware for some time. Especially since it can technically be Jailbroken tethered thanks to […]

aTV Flash (black) 2.2 Released With iOS 5.2 (6.1) Support Along With Seas0nPass

It has finally happened! The FireCore Dev-Team have updated aTV Flash (black) to version 2.2 to support the freshly released 5.2 (iOS 6.1) Apple TV firmware. This means you can now Jailbreak your 2nd generation Apple TV on 5.2 and install aTV Flash (black) without any hiccups (no the 3rd generation Apple TV is not […]

Seas0nPass Update For Untethered iOS 5.2 (6.1) Apple TV Jailbreak Coming Soon


A lot of people have been asking about that status of the Apple TV 5.2 (6.1) Untethered Jailbreak and as such we thought we would bring up a forum post from last week on the FireCore forums. Before we talk about the forum post however, it is worth noting that Sn0wbreeze can currently Jailbreak the […]

Apple TV Update Quietly Released With iOS 6.1

Three versions of Apple TV 5.2 update (Source:

While most of us were excited for Apple to release iOS 6.1 to allow the Evad3rs to release the untethered jailbreak, Apple quietly also pushed out a new software update (5.2) for the Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation). According to the Apple TV’s update screen, the new update includes: –¬†iTunes in the Cloud: Browse […]