Internet Explorer 10 Preview Now Available For Windows 7 Users [Download Now]


While Windows 8 users have had their hands on Internet Explorer 10 for a few weeks already, Microsoft is just now getting around to releasing the browser on Windows 7. A preview build is now available from Microsoft’s Test Drive page, and it should be more or less the same as the finalized version that […]

Internet Explorer 10 In Windows 8 Will Only Run Flash On Microsoft Whitelisted Sites


Just when you thought the desktop iteration of Windows 8 couldn’t get any worse, we get some news like this. Video distribution firm Brightcove sent a letter to Gizmodo¬†today, indicating that IE10 in Windows 8’s Metro environment won’t run Flash properly, unless the site on which it is embedded is on a Microsoft-curated whitelist. From […]

This Is How The Internet Explorer 9 Commercial Should Have Went [VIDEO]


You know that Internet Explorer 9 commercial that is being plastered around on the TV, movies and the web? The one that actually makes the browser look half decent until you remember it is still Internet Explorer? Well, it turns out the commercial you have been seeing is actually a fake. The real (and honest) […]

Public Beta Begins For Xbox Live’s New Dashboard Update, Already Full


A new facelift for the Xbox 360’s dashboard is coming later this year, and Major Nelson announced this morning that the public beta for the update would start today. Sign-ups were available this morning for those wishing to take part in the beta program, but they filled up within hours, and are now closed. If […]

Watch Microsoft’s E3 2012 Media Keynote Now [Smartglass, Internet Explorer, Game Trailers And More]


This year at E3 2012 Microsoft has made it clear that they will not be introducing any new hardware as such, instead they will be focusing on new software improvements. Some of the major announcements from Microsoft at E3 2012 include SmartGlass, Internet Explorer for Xbox, new Kinect functionality and various other improvements. With SmartGlass […]

SmartGlass For Xbox 360 Turns Your Phone Into A Remote, Enables Internet Explorer For Xbox [VIDEO]


In a presentation at E3, Microsoft announced “SmartGlass” for the Xbox 360. Xbox SmartGlass allows for phones to be used as input devices for the Xbox 360, which can scroll through the main page, activate media, and even browse the web. That’s right, SmartGlass is also the introduction of a web browser on the Xbox […]

Microsoft Makes Fun Of Older Versions Of Internet Explorer, Says IE9 Is The Best [VIDEO]


Microsoft has released a new video that makes fun of all the older versions of their browser Internet Explorer, and suggests that IE9 is the best and everyone should use it. We’ve all heard that before, with other versions of Internet Explorer and they all turn out to be not as good as the competition. […]

How To Play Cut The Rope Online On Mac OS X And Windows


Cut the Rope is a very challenging and brain teasing game for iOS and Android devices. We’re sure that you may have enjoyed it on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, but now, you can also enjoy it on your browser. The game has been downloaded about 70 million times and is very popular among […]