This Is What Windows 8 Looked Like In 2010 [IMAGES]


Operating systems tend to take a long time to build, since they’re pretty complicated beasts. Windows is certainly no exception, and Microsoft usually spends two or three years building a new Windows OS. With Windows 8, they began way back in 2010, just a year after the release of Windows 7. One of the first […]

See Smarter Notifications In Joost Van Der Ree’s iOS Interface Concept [VIDEO]


Joost van der Ree posted an iOS interface concept to his online portfolio. Van der Ree’s tweaks are both aesthetically pleasing and provide an added layer of functionality to iOS. What’s more, Van der Ree’s tweaks are very Apple-like solutions, which would work to further distinguish iOS from its rivals. Some of these interface tweaks […]

Track 8 App Brings The Metro Styled Music Player Look To The iPad

Track 8

You can’t deny the fact, that the Metro user interface on Windows Phone OS is beautiful and I’m sure everyone wants to try it out at least once. The Metro music player is also beautiful with images everywhere and slick typography. If you want to have the same experience on an iPad, Track 8 is […]