Use Multiple Instagram Accounts On iOS With The igSpeedster Tweak

Are you someone who has multiple Instagram accounts? Wouldn’t it be easier if you could manage all your Instagram accounts on your iOS device without having to Log Out and Log In every time you want to change accounts? Thanks to a new Cydia tweak called igSpeedster, now you can! igSpeedster not only lets you […]

Save Instagram Photos And Videos To Photos App With This Tweak

Have you ever wanted to save a photo or video from your Instagram feed to your Photos app? By default, Instagram doesn’t let you do that, but if you have a jailbroken device (Mac/Windows), you can. SaveGram is a new Cydia tweak that lets you save Instagram photos or videos to your Photo app. The […]

Import Videos From Your Camera Roll To Instagram With The InstaChooser Cydia Tweak

With Instagram introducing video it has sent shockwaves through Vine and other similar video sharing services. One of the only downfalls with Instagram video, however, is that you can’t upload video from your camera roll. You are forced to make Instagram your go to video recording app for social video when really it isn’t always […]

Instagram Now Allows You To Embed Your Photos And Videos [How To]

Instagram has been getting a lot of publicity lately, especially as it has overtaken Vine with video sharing on Twitter. Now Instagram has just released a new feature that will be appreciated that allows one to embed Instagram Photos and Video in web pages using an embed code (similar to embedding… say a YouTube video). […]

Easily Save Instagram Photos To Your Camera Roll With The InstaSave Cydia Tweak

If you use Instagram on a regular basis, you will love the Cydia tweak. For those of you who use Instagram on your mobile device you realize it is not easy to actually save a photo that catches your interest to the camera roll. You need to actually get the URL of the image and […]

How To: Transfer Your Photos From Instagram To Flickr The Smart Way

Yesterday we went into detail on how to backup your Instagram photos to your computer or to the cloud and then delete your Instagram account. This is of course in relation to the recent Terms Of Service update Instagram pushed that gives it the right to use your photos in personalized ads. Although the Terms […]

How To: Backup Your Instagram Photos And Then Delete Your Account

With Instagram writing themselves a suicide note by changing their terms of service to let them sell any photo you upload to the service to corporations to use in their advertising campaigns, I have a feeling a lot of you will be wanting to delete your Instagram account until the photo sharing giant reverts its […]

Randagram Pulls Random Photos From Instagram [Cydia]

Looking for a novel Cydia app you can use to kill some time? Randagram is a simple Instagram viewer that calls up photos tagged with “#random”. Even if Randagrm isn’t a particularly feature-packed Instagram viewer, it gets points for iPad support, which the official Instagram app still lacks. To its credit, Randagram more or less […]

Facebook Acquires Instagram For $1 Billion

Today Facebook announced that it acquired Instagram for $1 billion. This is six days after Instagram expanded the platform of its quirky photosharing app from it’s former iOS exclusive status to be also available on Android phones. For those unfamiliar with the app, Instagram is an app that allows users to apply preset filters to images snapped […]

InstaPopular Cydia App Allows You To See Popular Photos From Instagram

InstaPopular is a Cydia app that allows you to easily check out the most popular photos from Instagram. In addition to being able to easily see the latest and most popular photos from Instagram. You can share/tweet a link of a specific photo you are viewing and additionally save Instagram photos to your iPhone, iPod Touch or […]