Biggest Infinity Blade III Update ‘Ausar Rising’ Coming Next Thursday

Infinity Blade III

When it comes to one of the most graphics intensive games on iOS, one title that comes to mind is Infinity Blade games. It’s not just incredible graphics and great gameplay the keep people coming back to Chair Entertainment’s hit, but rather constant updates. On December 19th fans will be glad to know that a […]

Infinity Blade Goes FREE This Week Only [Download Now]


There is a great new Black Friday special this week. The all famous, award winning iOS game Infinity Blade is free for this week. This is the game that started the phenomenal series of Infinity Blade. Infinity Blade has been free only once before and has been sold for much cheaper then its original price of […]

Infinity Blade III Gets A Major Update Called ‘Soul Hunter’


If you are a fan of the trilogy-concluding game Infinity Blade III, from Epic, then you will be glad to know a massive update was released today with numerous improvements to the game. In this 1.1 update of Infinity Blade III there is new content including a new location and enemy. Just who is your […]

Infinity Blade III Is Out, Now Available In The App Store For $6.99


As promised, Chair Entertainment has released the much awaited Infinity Blade III for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Last week, Chair released a trailer for the third and final game in the Infinity Blade series. It looked promising! Well, it’s now time for you to find out. Apple also previewed the game during the launch […]

New Evidence Points To The Existance Of Infinity Blade 3


Despite the fact that Infinity Blade: Dungeons has been cancelled, it doesn’t look like Chair is done with the Infinity Blade series just yet. And this doesn’t come as a surprise considering the game surpassed $30 million in sales more than 18 months ago. A LinkedIn profile from a Senior QA Tester points to the […]

Infinity Blade Dungeons Officially Bites The Dust

Infinity Blade Dungeons Officially Bites The Dust

Well folks I have bad news this morning for anyone that was looking forward to Infinity Blade Dungeons. It looks like the game has now been officially cancelled. It wasn’t really hard to see this was coming though… I mean, come on! The game was first delayed to October and then it was delayed again […]

If You Haven’t Already, Snag Infinity Blade II For Only $0.99 For A Limited Time

Infinity Blade II Sale

Infinity Blade is one of those titles that pushes the boundaries of the graphical limitations of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This is even moreso the case with Infinity Blade II. Even though Infinity Blade II isn’t the newest game on the block anymore, thanks to the Unreal Engine it is still one of […]

Infinity Blade For iOS Is Currently Free, Limited Time Offer


Chair Entertainment Group has something good to make your Valentine’s Day even more special. Their popular iOS game Infinity Blade is now available for free. This is a limited time offer, so get it while you still can. If you’re an avid iOS user/gamer, you must have surely heard of this game. Apple talks about this […]

Infinity Blade Dungeons ‘Delayed’ Once Again…


You know one of iOS’ most anticipated games? Well, it’s the Infinity Blade series and its soon to be successor, Infinity Blade Dungeons, which is no longer going to be released on time. Epic Games, the mobile gaming company who own the Infinity Blade series, have shut down Impossible Studios and have currently put Infinity […]

Infinity Blade 2 For iOS Finally Gets iPhone 5 Support And Bonus Content [Download Now]


Chair Entertainment Group, developers of popular iOS game Infinity Blade, have released a new update for the game’s sequel Infinity Blade 2. The new update finally brings iPhone 5 support to the game, so players can now enjoy it on the 4-inch widescreen display. Infinity Blade 2 saw the same success as its prequel thanks […]