Infinity Blade 2 For iOS Finally Gets iPhone 5 Support And Bonus Content [Download Now]


Chair Entertainment Group, developers of popular iOS game Infinity Blade, have released a new update for the game’s sequel Infinity Blade 2. The new update finally brings iPhone 5 support to the game, so players can now enjoy it on the 4-inch widescreen display. Infinity Blade 2 saw the same success as its prequel thanks […]

Infinity Blade II Gets Updated With New Content Pack, Weapons And More!

Infinity Blade II update

Infinity Blade is a popular iOS game that works best on the new iPad, iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S, if you like beautiful graphics that is. The game involves intense battle sequences with amazing graphics that literally swallows you into the display. The second version of the game, Infinity Blade II, just got an update […]

Infinity Blade Makers Posts $30 Million Revenue After One Year


Joystiq is reporting that Epic Games, the makers of arguably one of the most popular iOS title, Infinity Blade, reported an amazing $10 million in revenue from last summer sales of their first major title in the Apple App Store. After the release of the highly anticipated Infinity Blade II last month, Epic Games has announced that it has now collected […]

Infinity Blade 2 Updated To v1.0.1: Bug Fixes And Optimizations [Download Now]


For those users who were experiencing issues with Infinity Blade 2’s first release, you will be glad to know that Chair Entertainment Group has recently released an update for Infinity Blade 2 (version 1.0.1) and it is now available for download from the AppStore for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. What’s new in Infinity Blade 2 […]

The Jaw-Dropping Infinity Blade 2 iOS Game Is Now Available To Download From The Apple App Store


Infinity Blade 2 is one of those games that really marks the pinnacle of any iOS game available in the Apple App Store. It not only features state-of-the-art mobile graphics, but its lighting and shadowing rendering that can match console graphics! This is because Epic Games has developed the Infinity Blade series on the Unreal […]

NEW Infinity Blade 2 Video Showcases Brilliant Graphics On iOS Devices


I would be surprised if you have not at least heard of Infinity Blade. You see, currently Infinity Blade is one of the most graphic intensive games for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. When it was first released a lot of people were amazed by what it brought to the table. Now, since the […]