Apple Is Looking To Release Two 4-Inch iPhones In 2013, Sorry iPhone Math


iPhone rumors are all the rage right now and it seems like almost every day we have a new one popping up from the shadows. Thankfully today’s rumor doesn’t involve awkwardly named products like the ‘iPhone Math’, mind you in my opinion this was just a codename rather than an actual production name Apple was […]

Sharp’s Production Of iPhone 5 Screens Delayed


With three different companies producing the display panels for Apple’s new iPhone, it won’t be the end of the world if one of them fails to deliver the goods. Which is good, since Sharp looks like they’re doing exactly that. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, manufacturing of the iPhone 5 screens […]

LG Says Mass Production Of iPhone 5 Screens Underway, Will Arrive On Time


Everything appears to be running smoothly as Apple ramps up for the launch of their new iPhone. Today’s iPhone 5-related news comes from Reuters, who reports that a chief executive at LG’s Display department has told them the iPhone screen has begun mass production, and is on track to be delivered on time. “We just […]

Apple Patents In-Cell Touchscreen Just In Time For The New iPhone


There’s already been rumors about  the inclusion of in-cell touchscreen technology in the new iPhone, allowing for a thinner design than previous models. We’ve even heard rumblings from Sharp about shipping the new screens to Apple already. Now, it appears Apple is ready to get serious about the display technology, with a patent that was approved […]

iPhone 5 Running Short On Component Supply, Will Still Ship In September


According to a “trusted industry insider” who’s been talking to AppleInsider, the components required to make the next-gen iPhone have been running low on supply. Specifically, the in-cell touch panels that are supposedly going in the device, which are being sourced from Sharp and LG, are proving hard to come by in the numbers Apple […]

Shipments Of Screens For Apple’s New iPhone Will Start This Month, Says Sharp


We have all known for some time now, that Sharp would probably play the important role of supplying displays for the next-generation iPhone from Apple. And, it looks like Sharp has just confirmed that it indeed will be providing displays for the next-gen iPhone. It is no question that there were numerous rumors and even […]

Sharp LCD Technology Will Make For A Thinner Screen On The iPhone 5


We’ve heard these rumors before, but this time we’ve got it from a somewhat more reliable source: the Wall Street Journal. According to their sources, the iPhone 5 may well have a thinner screen, thanks to some new technology from Sharp and LG. Both electronics companies are currently making screens for the new iPhone, apparently, […]