Prank Your Friends With This Little iMessage Trick

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 10.06.22 AM

Without a doubt one of the big advantages to iMessages is that it has read receipts along with the ability to know when someone is typing back to you. This is of course in the form of a simple animation of three dancing dots and during an active conversation you can’t help but stare at […]

How To Fix Issues With iMessage After Updating To iOS 7


Ever since people have updated to iOS 7 there have been reports of a lot of bugs. Some users are reporting that the OS as a whole is very unstable where others are only experiencing issues using certain features of their device such as iMessage. In fact there are hundreds of complaints from iPhone, iPod […]

Send Videos Over Three Minutes In Length Through SMS Or iMessage With These Two Cydia Tweaks


If you have ever tried to send a video that is over three minutes in length to someone through SMS then were probably disappointed to find out that it isn’t possible. Well, if you are Jailbroken you will be glad to know a tweak has been released recently that removes this limitation completely. The tweak […]

iMessage Falls Prey To A Denial Of Service Prank That Crashes The iOS Messages App

A large selection of unicode that could crash the Messages app

Denial of Service (DoS) attacks involve sending large amounts of traffic to a service in hopes to crash it. Often times it is the number one weapon used to temporarily take down a website. Who would have guessed that Apple’s iMessage service could be targeted by a DoS attack though. According to The Next Web over the […]

SelectiveReading Cydia Tweak Allows You To Configure iMessage Read Receipts On A Case-By-Case Basis


Back in February we told you about a tweak called TypingPrivacy that allowed you to disable the typing indicator on iMessage completely, as even when you turn read receipts off through the Settings app, the typing indicator still shows up. The only downside to this tweak was it was an all or nothing kind of […]

AutoResponder 2 Cydia Tweak Will Make Sure No One Feels Ignored Ever Again


Another day, and another Cydia tweak. Today AutoResponder 2 has been released into Cydia that is only compatible on the iOS 6 firmware generation. As you can probably tell from the name of the tweak it will allow you to setup SMS/iMessage autoresponders. This means if you are going to be watching a movie you […]

Predicter And TypeStatus: Two Cydia Tweaks That Let You Know When Someone Is Replying To Your iMessage


Looks like there will be a new tweak hitting the Cydia store in a couple of days called TypeStatus created by Kirb or @thekirbylover of Hashbang Productions. Have you ever wanted to know who’s texting you before you receive a message when you’re not in the Apple’s stock Messaging application? Who’s going to be the […]

Disable The iMessage Typing Indicator With The TypingPrivacy Cydia Tweak


iMessage is a genius service from Apple that allows you to message other iOS device owners over a Wi-Fi network and avoid any cellular charges associated with texting or sending multimedia messages. iMessage also opens up to read notifications, that lets the person you are messaging know when you have read their message, and a typing […]

Apple’s New System Status Page Is 10x As Helpful


In the past Apple’s system status page was definitely nothing special. It consisted of a simple list of recent outages that were rather vague and often times took hours to reflect current problems. Yesterday a large iCloud outage effecting various services like Photo Stream and iMessage was reported. Shortly after, Apple actually launched a brand […]

How To: Quickly Send An iMessage As A Text Message When Experiencing Problems


iMessage is a great service that allows you to send messages to other iOS devices through a Wi-Fi network. This avoids having to use up your text message allotment, and can additionally help you avoid roaming charges. It of course also allows iPod Touch and iPad users to take part in Apple’s messaging experience. As we […]