Save 60% Off This Stylish iPad Mini Case From ZAGG For A Limited Time


When it comes to protecting a gadget you have two options: purchase a case or purchase a skin. Sometimes a case is the way to go if you are prone to dropping the said gadget, or plan on letting kids use it. If you happen to be in possession of an iPad Mini and still […]

ZAGG Are You Crazy!? 50% Off Cyber Monday / Tuesday Sale [SHOP NOW]


ZAGG is one of the best accessory companies around and it is because they create innovative products that are not only high-quality, but unique as well. Some of ZAGG’s most notable products are obviously their invisibleSHIELD lineup that you have most likely seen in electronic retailers like BestBuy and of course their ever-so-popular tablet keyboard […]

Announcing The iJailbreak’s Massive $1,500 ZAGG Giveaway Winners! [Did You Win?]

ZAGGWinners_icon ran a contest last week where we were giving away nearly $1,500 worth of ZAGG products. As of today the contest has come to a close and we will be announcing those who won one of the twenty total prizes available. Before the winners are announced, however, we want to thank everyone who participated in the contest and we look […]

iJailbreak Is Giving Away Nearly $1,500 Worth Of ZAGG Accessories [Enter Now]


Our friends over at ZAGG have recently been in contact with us to run nearly a $1,500 ZAGG giveaway. This means we will be hooking up 20 lucky people with either a ZAGGsparq, ZAGGfolio, InvisibleSHIELD or Vertex iFrogz headphones. These are some amazing accessories for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and will surely set you up […]

Get A FREE ZAGG invisibleSHIELD When You Buy An iFrogz Case


It is no question that ZAGG has become one of the top accessory manufactures for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. They offer top of the line products such as the ZAGG invisibleSHIELD, ZAGGsparq, ZAGGskins and the ZAGGmate. Additionally, with ZAGG’s acquisition of iFrogz, they now offer an even better selection of cases. To promote […]

ZAGG’s New iFrogz Product Lineup: iPhone 4, iPod Touch, iPad 2 Cases, Headphones, Ear Buds


A few months ago ZAGG announced that they have purchased iFrogz for a whopping 105 million dollars. After the acquisition of iFrogz was announced by ZAGG, iFrogz products were not available to purchase directly through That is until now. ZAGG has recently added iFrogz accessories into their official storefront; meaning you can now purchase […]