The Humble THQ Bundle is Now Live! Saints Row 3, Metro 2033, Darksiders And More Included


Yes sir, it’s that time again! A new Humble Bundle has arrived, and this one’s a bit of a departure from their usual style. The Humble Bundle folks built their reputation selling awesome indie games, but now they’re trying their hand at selling triple-A titles. Their pay what you want, donate part of the proceeds […]

The Humble Bundle For Android 4 Now Includes Avadon, Canabalt, Cogs, Swords And Soldiers, Zen Bound 2


I’m a huge fan of the Humble Bundle project, which is a change to snag a whole lot of games for a very low price, give money directly to developers, donate to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (which, among other things, fights for your right to Unlock, Root, and Jailbreak) and the Child’s Play charity. The […]

The Latest Humble Bundle For Android Is Now Available, Includes Sword And Sworcery [VIDEO]


In between the main Humble Bundles, which include a selection of tasty indie games for your PC, the Humble team has gotten into the habit of releasing Android Humble Bundles. The fourth Android bundle is now available, and it’s offering up six great Android titles for a ridiculously cheap price. If you’re an Android gamer, […]