Apple Adding Native App Support To The Apple TV? Don’t Count On It


The Apple TV is a computer, like the one you’re using to read this post. The only difference is the Apple TV is running an operating system focused solely on media playback. The first generation Apple TV could be made into a full Mac desktop running OS X, while jailbreaking the second generation Apple TV […]

Google’s “Let It Snow”, “Christmas” And “Hanukkah” Easter Eggs


Google has been known to create a secret ‘easter eggs’ during certain times of the year and this season is no exception. Google has recently launched 3 new ‘easter eggs’ that do a variety of things. The first and obviously the most well thought out ‘easter egg’ happens when you google “Let Is Snow“. After […]

US Kids Are All About Apple This Holiday Season


In a survey conducted by Nielsen looking what kids between the ages of 6 and 12 are most interested in buying in the coming six months, Apple dominates the list having three of the top five positions. The iPad surges in the lead with 44% of US kids between the ages of 6-12 wanting an iPad this holiday […]