Dream Jailbreak Is Never Gonna To Give You Up, Never Gonna To Let You Down!


After developers, writers, and Twitter followers began to suspect that the video demo of the Dream Jailbreak was, well, totally fake, Dream pulled a gutsy move: the developer announced on Twitter that the jailbreak would launch “tonight,” and then, “in 45 minutes.” Thing is, at that point we had solid evidence on multiple fronts that […]

The First Dream Jailbreak Video Demo Is Live–Developers Say It’s A Well-Done Fake


As promised, the developer behind Dream Jailbreak posted the first of two videos demoing the contested jailbreak this evening, ready to be picked apart by stalwart regulars in the developer community and hack writers such as myself. The uploaded video is the first in a two-part series, in the first of which the Dream Jailbreak’s […]

Is The iOS 6.0.1 “Dream Jailbreak” A Hoax? Developers NitoTV And iH8sn0w Weigh In


An anonymous developer known only as ‘Dream Jailbreak’ claims to have developed a jailbreak for iOS 6.0 and 6.0.1 that will support all devices compatible with the firmware. Supposedly this jailbreak will be released on December 22nd, just over two weeks away. Oddly enough, Dream Jailbreak is not collaborating with any of the well-known Dev Teams […]

No, The Gr1mra1n Jailbreak Is Not Real But A Bootrom Exploit May Be In The Works


Last week Joshua Hill (@p0sixninja)–the developer behind GreenPois0n and once a central figure to the Chronic-Dev Team–described the current status of an iPhone 5 jailbreak as “grim”, while saying he was currently “working on something bigger and few people share with me anymore”. It wasn’t clear what Hill meant; it’s possible Hill didn’t think a […]

Canon EOS 5D Mark III Can’t Run iOS Or Android, But It Can Display Screenshots


You can’t be a credible tech writer in the homebrew and jailbreak community without some degree of skepticism. As we’ve seen in the past, scammers and trolls try to pass themselves off as developers, make ridiculous claims, post doctored photographs, and ultimately fail to release the goods. Micgadget, source of all manner of leaks posted […]

MuscleNerd Slams John Herthop And “Team B1ackW!d0w” For iOS 6 Jailbreak Hoax


MuscleNerd, an actual developer in the iOS jailbreak scene (a founding member of the iPhone Dev-Team group and the maintainer behind RedSn0w, PwnageTool, and UltraSn0w) was seen duking it out with two groups of iOS 6 jailbreak hoaxes and scams over the past two days. John Herthop released a fake video, passing off a simulation […]

Nokia Lumia 920 Ad Footage Faked Using More Substantial Cameras, Nokia Admits And Apologizes


If you saw the video footage Nokia showed of earlier this week in their Lumia 920 announcement ad, you might have thought it was too good to be true. The ad depicts a man and woman on bicycles, riding next to each other; the man is ostensibly filming the woman as they ride along, and […]

See Martin uit Utrecht’s White ‘iPhone 5′ Renderings [IMAGES]


Remember the renders of the so-called ‘iPhone 5‘ that were so authentic looking that Gizmodo thought they were real? We weren’t sure what was up, but we thought it was a little odd that the phone in the photos had the old Maps icon. (And as improved as the next iPhone’s antenna may be, we’d be surprised […]

Fake 1080p Apple TV 3G Jailbreak Surfaces In Form Of Seas0nPass [Do Not Be Fooled]


It is no doubt the new 1080p Apple TV 3G has pleased those searching for a full HD media streaming solution from Apple. The only individuals who are not as pleased with the Apple TV 3G are those who thought a Jailbreak would follow shortly after its release. With Pod2G releasing the iOS 5.1.1 Untethered […]