Happy Birthday iPhone! The Original iPhone Turns 6


Do you remember mobile phones before the iPhone? They used to be these Nokia-form devices with physical buttons and small screens. Say what you will about the iPhone – that it hasn’t changed radically since its introduction, that it feels old, and that other companies have surpassed it in terms of services and features– but it […]

The iPad Turns Three: A Retrospective


The iPad has revolutionized the way we communicate and interact with technology: newspapers now take into account the creation of a version that fits the tablet; video creators are making multimedia content compatible with HTML5, to be supported by Apple; more gaming companies are considering Apple’s tablet as a console, releasing big name titles such […]

iPhone 5th Anniversary: More iPhones Are Sold In A Day Than Babies Are Born [INFOGRAPHIC]


Whether you are an Apple fanboy or not it is no question that the iPhone has revolutionized the smartphone industry. It was 5 years ago on this day that the first generation iPhone went on sale across 164 Apple Stores and select AT&T retailers across the United States. The two models that were available to […]

Steve Jobs Facebook Timeline Removed, But You Can Still Check It Out! [VIDEO]


A Singapore website designer was the mind behind the popular Steve Jobs Facebook timeline that was unfortunately taken down recently. Although Facebook didn’t give much light on why the timeline was removed they reminded the public about their policy on requiring real names to establish a Facebook profile. To say this Facebook timeline of Steve Jobs was […]

The List Of Inspirational Steve Jobs Quotes [Submit Your Favourite Quote]


Earlier this morning we told you that today would have marked Steve Jobs’ 57th birthday if he had not died of pancreatic cancer in October of last year. As today is a special day for all Apple fans we thought we would create an article to share some of the most inspiration quotes from Steve Jobs. […]

Today Would Have Been Steve Jobs’ 57th Birthday [Happy Birthday]


On February 24th, 1955 Steve Jobs was born into this world. Unbeknownst to anyone that we would transform the technology industry with products such as the Mac, iPhone and iPad. Although Steve Jobs died in early October last year after a long battle with pancreatic cancer, today would have marked his 57th birthday! As such, Happy […]

Angry Birds 2.0 Now Available To Download From AppStore


The makers of  Angry Birds, Rovio have released a big update for Angry Birds in celebration of Angry Birds second birthday. The update adds 15 new levels and actually unlocks every episode for users to play. HAPPY BIRDDAY! The Angry Birds are celebrating their 2nd birthday, but the pigs are crashing the party and it’s […]

Today Is GeoHot’s Birthday, Happy 22nd Birthday GeoHot!


Unless you are brand new to the Jailbreaking scene, I am sure you have at least heard the name GeoHot tossed around. Geohot was the first person to unlock the iPhone back in 2007, and he has brought a number of Jailbreaking tools to the table such as the BlackRa1n and LimeRa1n. More recently GeoHot […]