Proposed Pictures And A Hands-On Video Of The Samsung Galaxy S IV Appear Online


In only a couple of days Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S IV at its UNPACKED 2013 event and now a video of the proposed next-generation handset has surfaced online. Apparently the specs of the handset being shown in the video include a 1080p display (no word on dimensions yet), 2GB of RAM, a 13 […]

Inside The New 2012 iMac 21.5-Inch, Teardown And Unboxing [VIDEO]


Apple’s new 21.5-inch iMac is now available for purchase through the Apple online or retail stores in the United States. Customers in Australia and other countries have already managed to get their new iMacs. The new 2012 iMac has a new design, is super slim at the edges (5mm) and is lighter and faster than […]

First iPad Mini Unboxing Photos Surface, Ahead Of Launch [IMAGES]


Earlier today, the very first reviews of the iPad Mini started to hit the Internet. All of the reviews suggest that the Apple iPad Mini is an excellent tablet, is fast enough, non-Retina display isn’t really a problem and the design/build quality are just amazing. Now, iGen.Fr, a French site has posted the very first […]

Hands On With The Nexus 4 And Nexus 10 At Google HQ [VIDEO]

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The cat is officially out of the bag regarding Google’s new Nexus devices, the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 10. Now that they’ve been officially unveiled, The Verge had the opportunity to visit Google HQ in person, and go hands on with the new Nexus hardware. They also talked to some of the Google staffers […]

Apple Releases A Video Showcasing The Smart Cover On The iPad Mini


The iPad Mini is an extraordinary device that Apple released earlier today, which will be available on Friday to pre-order. Although we technically already knew Apple would be unveiling the iPad Mini at its special event today, it is a relief to see that all those reports, rumors and mockups we reported on were not […]

Initial Impressions Of The iPad Mini: Great Screen, Solid Build


With the iPad Mini being unveiled to the world today, several members of the press were on hand to check it out in person, and finally take a look at the long-rumored device in the flesh. From the initial reports, it’s sounding like the iPad Mini is setting itself up to be a hit, with […]

Hands On Video And Photos Of The Rumored iPad Mini


People cannot get enough about the rumored 7.85 inch Apple iPad Mini that is rumored to be announced later this year in October. The people over at GizChina have received a dummy iPad Mini, which they have shown off. Now I wish to take a minute here to remind everyone, that this is a dummy iPad […]

iPhone 5 Hands-On Metareview: Does Apple’s Latest Phone Hold Up?


The iPhone 5 hasn’t yet hit store shelves, but some prominent tech journalists got a chance to smear their greasy fingerprints all over the new iPhone’s 4-inch screen during Apple’s keynote announcement yesterday. The overall impression of the iPhone five was mixed. Some of the reviewers came away from the sneak peek feeling lukewarm: “It’s […]

Everything About The iPad 3 Shells, Front Glass And Cases [VIDEO]


MIC Gadget has complied a hands-on video of the iPad 3 shells, front glass and cases. Apparently, they’ve got complete access to the parts that will be used in the next iPad and are sure that Apple will not remove the Home button. Recently, there have been rumors about the new iPad 3 having no […]

A Hands On Demo Of The iPhone 4S [VIDEO]


By the looks of it someone has managed to get their hands on an actual iPhone 4S before the mass public. In the video we are shown some upcoming features of the iPhone 4S such as Siri, as well as Siri’s settings interface which allows you to turn Siri On/Off, change Language Settings, Voice feedback, […]