Installous Is Being Shutdown! The Hackulous Development Team Call It Quits

Installous Shutdown

The reasons to Jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad seem to be getting smaller and smaller by the day. This has to do with Apple implementing a lot of concepts and ideas from the Jailbreaking community. Today another, but greatly controversial, reason gets crossed off that list — Installous. The creators of Installous, Hackulous […]

Are Cracked/Pirated Apps Really as Bad as Once Thought?


One very controversial aspect of jailbreaking, is the ability to download and install cracked apps. Cracked/pirated apps have been around almost since the release of the App Store itself, and some argue that it is the reason why Apple tries so hard to patch exploits, used by jailbreaking tools; such as Spirit, Jailbreakme, RedSn0w etc… […]