Russian Proxy Server Cracks In-App Purchases Without Requiring A Jailbreak


Opponents of jailbreaks claim that jailbreaking is only used for software piracy. Those of us who have had jailbroken phones in 2007, before Apple launched its own App Store, know that this is not necessarily the case. Nevertheless, it is a fact that a lot of iPhone users turn to jailbreaking to access commercial apps without compensating […]

Will There Ever Be A 1080p Apple TV Jailbreak? NitoTV Hacker Doesn’t Think So…


Yesterday we told you that Chronic-Dev wrote a large blog post talking about various things relating to Apple and the Apple TV. This included a more in-depth explanation on why the new 1080p Apple TV would be the hardest iOS device to Jailbreak. If you read this post you would have realized that because there is no […]

Hacker, Developer, User In Cydia, Which One To Choose? [Cydia “Who Are You?” Screen]


If you are new to Jailbreaking or have never really known what Cydia’s “Who Are You?” screen actually means/does, then you will be glad know that today I will be shedding some light on the topic. When you first Jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, and then launch Cydia for the first time, you are […]

Hacker i0n1c’s Thoughts On Chronic-Dev Crash Reporter Tool And The iOS 5.0 Untethered Jailbreak


If you have not heard the Twitter handler @i0n1c, actually known as Stefan Esser to, thrown around then I would be surprised. i0n1c is a very skilled hacker that has given numerous presentations on hacking the iOS operating system, and more recently is one of the main authors behind the upcoming book iOS Hacker’s Handbook. He […]

iPhone Dev Interview: Kim Young-seek


Our iPhone Dev interview series continues this week, with South Korean Developer, Mr. Kim Young-seek from NextApps. He is the creator of one of Korea’s most successful iPhone games, Booooly!, and a respected figure in the Korean App Developing Community being featured in many newspapers, magazines and TV Programs. If you haven’t heard of him, well, that’s […]

iPhone Developer Interview: Chpwn [3rd Party Cydia Developer]


This is a new series, here at We ask an iPhone developer a bunch of questions. They answer them. We publish them. Simple as that. Since we mainly bring you jailbreak news, we’ve started the series with jailbreak devs, and this week’s interview is with Chpwn. Introduce yourself: Who are you? Where you from? Hi! […]

iPhone Developer Interview: Ryan Petrich [3rd Party Cydia Developer]


We are trying to start up a new regular feature, here at We are bringing you interviews with iPhone Developers, jailbreak and legit App Store devs. This will hopefully be a weekly feature, but it will depend if we actually get people to talk to us! ;) Here’s how it works: we send out […]