Apple Watch Hacked: Made To Run A Full Web Browser


And the Apple Watch has been hacked. Famous iOS hacker, Comex, has managed to hack in to the Apple Watch and install a web browser. The first third-party native app on the Watch OS, that’s kind of a big deal. Has Comex achieved an Apple Watch jailbreak? Read on for more details. Although the idea […]

Future Jailbreaks Will Be Easier Thanks To New Hack That Breaks Apple’s Lightning Connector

The 10 Ft. MFi-Certified iOS Lightning Cable

A group of hackers have succeeded in breaking the security of Apple’s lightning connector. Why is this important and why do you have to know about it? Well, thanks to this security break, hackers will have full access to serial kernel debugging and jailbreaking newer iOS firmwares could get easier. That’s good news for the jailbreaking […]

How Was Apple’s Dev Center Hacked? Who Was Behind It? Find Out Now!

Ibrahim Balic

If you haven’t been following the story, Apple’s Dev Center went down for about 48 hours without explanation last week. People had many theories for why the Dev Center went down, some people claimed it was because they were adding new betas or giving it a new look. On Sunday, however, Apple actually emailed registered […]

A New Apple TV Hack Enables A Russian TV Service Called UnliMovie Without Jailbreaking

UnliMovie Apple TV

In the beginning of June we told you about a way to get Plex on your 2nd or 3rd generation Apple TV without Jailbreaking and now it looks like another hack is available that might be of interest to some users. A Russian blog is currently reporting a way to add a Russian movie service called […]

Another Flaw In iOS Discovered; This Time It Has To Do With Restrictions [VIDEO]


Yesterday we told you about a group of researchers that created an iOS wall charger that could install malware on any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad in under a minute (Jailbroken or not running the latest iOS 6 firmware version). Today we have heard about yet another security flaw that has to do with Restrictions […]

Hacked Carrier Update For Verizon iOS Devices Is Released Promising Better 3G And 4G Performance

hacked verizon carrier update

It was only a matter of time before we saw a hacked carrier update for the iPhone and cellular iPad paired on Verizon’s network released, considering that one for AT&T and T-Mobile is already available. This particular carrier update promises to increase your 3G and 4G data speeds on your iPhone 5, iPad or iPad […]

Improve Your iPhone Or iPad’s Network Performance With This Hacked AT&T (Or T-Mobile) Carrier Update

In the beginning of this month a hacked carrier update for T-Mobile iPhone 5s was released that increased data speeds. The original hack was released by Joe Brown and Sky Zangas, who are the minds behind the website iTweakiOS. This isn’t to be confused with the hack that allowed you to enable LTE on T-Mobile’s network. […]

How To: Place Applications Inside The Newsstand App And More Without Jailbreaking


We have been seeing a lot of SpringBoard hacks lately appearing that allow you to do things Apple never intended you to be able to do without Jailbreaking. This includes being able to make the Newsstand application completely disappear and also change your carrier logo to an image of your choice. Now a new SpringBoard […]

This Guy Made Siri Control The Philips Hue Lights In His House [VIDEO]


The Philips Hue is a smart bulb that can be controlled using your iOS device and is available for purchase directly from Apple. Using the bulbs and the wireless bridge that comes in the Starter Pack, you can control the lighting, create custom lighting settings that suit your needa and more. Brandon Evans decided to […]