What’s Your Best Option For Online Music Streaming?


It’s becoming more and more common to listen to music on the Internet due to the fact that, when doing this, people no longer use up all the memory on their phones – lots of cellphones come with few gigabytes (or in some cases megabytes!) as phone prices rise with their amount of internal memory. […]

Grooveshark Announces HTML5-Based Mobile Web App


With Grooveshark available on practically every platform known to mankind, you’d be excused for thinking they’d covered all their bases pretty thoroughly. The Grooveshark development team disagrees, apparently, as they’ve just released another new player. The latest new player is an HTML5 web app for mobile browsers. Accessing Grooveshark on mobile devices without downloading an […]

Stream FREE Music With GrooveShark’s New HTML5 Website For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad


Are you looking for a slick music streaming service that will allow you to listen to your favourite artists on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android device and desktop computer for free? Introducing the GrooveShark music streaming service that supports all sorts of devices that have an Internet browser and support for HTML5 rendering. Many […]

Grooveshark iPhone App – Connect To The World’s Music Library


The folks over at grooveshark.com are proud to announce that Grooveshark for iPhone is back in Cydia! Not only is it back, it’s brand new. It’s spiffy and completely updated with features users have been requesting. Features: Multitasking – so you can email, surf, and Groove without missing a beat Genre radio – built in […]

GrooveShark will Connect your iPhone to the World’s Largest Music Library!


Another day, and we see yet another cool tweak released into Cydia. This time the tweak is GrooveShark 2.0, Sound familiar? If so, that is because GrooveShark 1.0 was originally released into the official Apple Store, but was later taken off due to copyright concerns. Even if you do not remember GrooveShark 1.0, it is […]