GreenPois0n has been Delayed! [Becuse of LimeRa1n]


This is just another quick heads up; as I am sure you were aware, today is the day that GreenPois0n was scheduled for release. However, because Gehotz released LimeRa1n (which uses another exploit and not SHAtter), Chronic-Dev have decided to implement LimeRa1n’s exploit into GreenPois0n to avoid burning two exploits at once. Which, obviously is […]

Clearing up Some Confusion on GreenPois0n [Non Tethered + Limited Support]


This is just a very quick, but important update to clear up some confusion on the SHAtter jailbreak. It is most likely known, that SHAtter was an exploit discovered by Pod2G and P0sixninja. When these two hackers first discovered the exploit it was going to be a Tethered jailbreak; as the exploit itself is tethered. […]

GreenPois0n Will Be Able To Hacktivate Your iPhone!


Another day and we get some more details on the GreenPois0n jailbreak. This time we have gotten word from P0sixninja (a developer of GreenPois0n), that the new GreenPois0n jailbreaking tool will be able to Hacktivate the iPhone. If you take a look at the tweet displayed below you will see that, Posixninja did indeed provide […]

The iOS4.1 Jailbreak Could Be Released Within a Few Days!


Today the official iPhone Wiki, released some interesting details on the SHAtter exploit. Right now they have only focused on providing information on the background of how the SHAtter exploit was discovered, but more details are soon to come. If you actually manage to check out the story, it really shows you how much work […]

An Update on GreenPois0n [The Official iOS4.1 Jailbreak]


A lot of buzz has been going around the new jailbreak for the iOS4.1 firmware, which is proposed to be accomplished by using the tool GreenPois0n. A new jailbreaking tool using the SHAtter exploit, which is a bootrom exploit (this means it will work on all iDevices). The actual developers of this jailbreak are the […]

The GreenPois0n Jailbreak Gets Its Very Own Website! [iOS4.1 Jailbreak]


A few days ago we reported that Greenpois0n may be the next jailbreaking tool for the iOS4.1 firmware. Greenpois0n was said to be using the SHAtter exploit developed by Pod2g and P0sixninja. It turns out that GreenPois0n also has its own website, and if you head over to you will see that it resembles […]