The iJailbreak Top 10 News Stories Of The Week [Evasi0n7 1.0.8 Released, OS X 10.9.3 Seeded To Developers And More]

iJailbreak Top 10 News Stories

Are you disappointed because you needed to make a deadline this week, and simply could not spare a few moments to check out one of your favourite technology news outlets? Or maybe you were just busy and are only now wanting to catch up on what happened in the technology scene. Luckily for you iJailbreak has gathered […]

Android SDK For Wearables Announced By Google


Google’s Senior VP and chief of the Android team, Sundar Pichai has just announced that the company will be releasing an Android SDK that is meant for wearable devices like smartwatches in the next couple weeks. Pichai didn’t just want to limit the SDK to smartwatches, however, and has stated it could be implemented in “Smart Jackets” with […]

Google’s Head Of Android: Was Not Designed To Be Safe, It Was Designed To Give More Freedom


Even though lately Apple has been given a hard time about security with the latest vulnerability gotofail, last year 99% of all mobile malwares targeted Android devices. And the reason? Because Android is open source. According to FrAndroid Sundar Pichai, the Senior Vice President at Google, who overseas Android was asked about the malware situation on […]

After Seeing The iPhone In 2007, Google Scrapped Android And Started Again


Whether you are an Android user, Windows Phone user or Apple fanboy you cannot deny the fact that Apple and the iPhone revolutionized the mobile industry when it launched in 2007. It is safe to say that without the iPhone smartphones would have been completely different today. In fact speaking of Android, which is the […]

New Chrome Apps For Mac Now Available Along With Chrome App Launcher


Google has just announced that it is bringing Chrome Apps to the Mac! The Search Engine giant actually started beta testing these apps in May and released them officially for Windows and Chromebook users in September. These Chrome Apps act like native apps, allow for working offline, update automatically and sync to any computer where […]

Search Google Hands-Free With This New Chrome Extension

Google Voice Search Hotword

Everyone’s favourite browser Google Chrome has just been given a brand new extension that will bring the Moto X’s brilliant hands-free voice control feature to your desktop. The extension is called Google Voice Search Hotword and it allows users to simply say “OK, Google” to instruct the browser to do just about anything. This includes setting timers, […]

Microsoft Could Close The App-Gap Between Apple And Google By End Of 2014

Windows Phone 8 Review

When it comes to the dominant holdings on the smartphone market two companies that come to mind are Apple and Google. Microsoft is certainly up there, but it is lagging behind due to two reason. Number one, is simply market share, Apple and Google are hot right now for obvious reason, but number two is […]

Google Slapped With Another $17 Million Fine Due To Safarigate

Google Safari Tracking

Just when you thought Google was off the hook with last year’s Safarigate incident after the Search Engine giant paid the largest FTC fine in history of $22.5 million, it is being reported the situation is far from over. Google reportedly has now just agreed to pay $17 million to settle the issue with 37 […]

Chrome, Safari, Firefox, And More… What Browser Suits Your Needs?


We all know of the basic internet browsers, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, but do you know what features are hiding under the hood of your browser? In this article we will talk about what features each browser has to offer and why we like them. First up we have Google Chrome. Chrome […]

The Google Play Music App Finally Touches Down On The App Store With A 30-Day Free Trial


It’s been quite some time since Google announced that it would be releasing its Google Play Music app for the iPhone in “a few weeks,” but nevertheless it has finally touched down on the App Store. The new Google Play Music app for iOS allows you to use Google’s All Access and standard music services. The […]