Google Glass Will Connect To Your iPhone, Will Be Available By Year End For Less than $1500


Google showed off how their Project Glass augmented reality eye-wear works in an awesome video yesterday. Today, The Verge got to actually test out the Glass and were very impressed. According to them, it does work as advertised and everything shown in the video was real. Currently, the Google Glass is only available to those who […]

Google Releases New Video To Show What Google GLASS Feels Like [VIDEO]


Last year, at the Google I/O event, the search giant previewed its new project, the Glass. It’s basically eye-wear with a HUD display that shows up information such as weather/appointments/reminders etc and also captures photos and records video and possibly more. It’s still in its early stages, but developers who attended I/O were able to […]

Next iPhone To Feature In-Panel Touch Screen, Says DigiTimes [Rumor]


Put this one in your rumor-hats, folks. Taiwanese newspaper DigiTimes reports the new iPhone is likely to be released in the 3rd quarter and will include in-touch panels, supplied by Sharp and Toshiba, according to “sources” within Apple’s supply chain. In response to these rumors, one of Apple’s current touch screen suppliers, TPK Holdings said that it […]

Everything About The iPad 3 Shells, Front Glass And Cases [VIDEO]


MIC Gadget has complied a hands-on video of the iPad 3 shells, front glass and cases. Apparently, they’ve got complete access to the parts that will be used in the next iPad and are sure that Apple will not remove the Home button. Recently, there have been rumors about the new iPad 3 having no […]

Corning Inc. Wants To Take The Use Of Glass To A Whole New Level [VIDEO]


Corning Inc., the manufacturer of the famous Gorilla Glass that is being used in the new iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and a few other iOS devices has released a new video. Last year, they released a similar video about what the future of glass technology will look like and it went viral. Now, […]