iTunes 11 Can Scan Your iTunes Gift Cards Via Webcam Photo


As most folks are probably aware, iTunes 11 is now available for download. The overhauled interface has been getting some mixed reviews, as it seems to be railroading users into buying content, rather than offering an effective way for them to view and manage the content they already have. There’s no denying that the latest […]

It’s Official: Google Play Store Gift Cards Are Coming

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In news that was all but a foregone conclusion last week, Google has finally officially announced the existence of physical gift cards for the Play Store. Between the Play Store update that added a ‘Redeem’ button, to the leaked internal memo from Target that announced the cards’ impending arrival on August 26, we pretty much […]

Google Play Store Gift Cards Set To Arrive At Retailers August 26


We saw last week that the latest version of the Play Store app has support for the redemption of gift cards, so it was only a matter of time before the gift cards themselves turned up. It now looks like we’ve got a date for their release; Android Police has received a leaked internal memo from Target […]

Walmart Is Offering $100 Apple iTunes eGift Cards For Only $80 [Limited Time]


For a limited time Walmart is offering a $100 Apple iTunes eGift Cards for only $80. If you are someone who constantly downloads iOS and Mac apps, iBooks, Videos and Music from iTunes then this is no doubt a no brainer purchase as you are saving a cool $20. When you purchase a downloadable eGift card […]

New Version Of Google Play Store (3.8.15) Released, Prepares For Play Store Gift Cards


The Play Store app received an update on Wednesday, and it looks like a significant one, but visually there’s almost no changes. What is weird however, is that the latest version has jumped in file size, which means they’ve added something in somewhere. After some sleuthing around the internet, it’s been determined that the update […]

Meet The Winner Of The $10,000 iTunes Gift Card, Awarded For Downloading The 25 Billionth App


In March we told you the 25 billionth application had been downloaded and the winner of the massive iTunes Gift Card went to a resident of China named Fu Chunli. She downloaded Disney’s Where’s My Water? Free and to her surprise that was enough to receive a $10,000 prize. In fact, it was so much of a surprise […]

Best Buy Offering 20% Off iTunes Gift Cards


For today only, Best Buy is taking off 20% on the iTunes cards. This means you can save up to $20 off, and since they are delivered via email you don’t have to worry about any sort of shipping costs. The sales tax for your area is added in the checkout where applicable. These awesome […]

Get Up To Two Free $25 Gift Cards From ZAGG When You Purchase ZAGGsparq Or ZAGGsmartbuds


ZAGG is one of the top accessory manufactures for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. They currently sell a variety of neat accessories like the invisibleSHIELD that provides military grade protection for your gadgets screen. Additionally, ZAGG is extremely well known for two products that really have a lot of people raving. They are the […]

BestBuy Has iTunes Gift Cards For 15% Off


The iTunes store is the best place to purchase anything for your iPod, iPad, iPhone, or any computer. From a selection of apps, music, TV shows, movies, books, and programs for your computer, giving an iTunes gift card for a stocking stuffer is quite the gift. So it is great that Best Buy has all […]

Best Buy Has $50 iTunes Cards On Sale Now


We have seen the $100 dollar Apple iTunes Gift cards on sale for $80 before. Sometimes it is during blowout sales like Black Friday, and sometimes it is just during a normal sale period. Best Buy has never put the cheaper $50 iTunes card on sale before, but it looks like that trend stops today. It […]