Samsung Galaxy S IV Is Twice As Fast As The iPhone 5, BlackBerry Z10 And Galaxy S III


The Galaxy S IV is without a doubt a cool handset, it features a Exynos 5 Octa processor, a 5-inch HD screen that has a higher pixel density than the iPhone 5 and some impressive software features. On the weekend we showed you an initial iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S IV comparison video and for the most […]

2012 21.5-Inch iMac Benchmarked, 10 Percent Faster Than Last Year’s High-End 27-Inch iMac


The new redesigned 21.5-inch iMac is finally available on the online and retail Apple stores. Apple redesigned the new iMacs and upgraded the hardware for all of its Mac products. The new iMac features Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge processors and the latest Nvidia graphics. As such, someone obviously had to benchmark the new iMac to see how […]

Here’s How The iPhone 5 Stacks Up Against Earlier Apple Hardware In Benchmark Tests


The folks over at Primate Labs make one of the best benchmarking tools for mobile devices you can get, and they’ve had their way with just about every smartphone and tablet Apple has ever made. Now that they’ve got their hands on an iPhone 5 and run some benchmarking tests on it (on both the […]

Benchmarks Show That iPod Touch 5th-Gen Has iPhone 4S Like Performance


Apple did a very good job with the new iPod Touch, which was a product that had not received any upgrades for a long time. The iPod Touch now features a 4-inch display, A5 processor, thinner profile and comes in more than two colors. Japanese blog Macotakara (via 9to5Mac) have already gotten their hands on the new […]

The A6 Processor In Apple’s iPhone 5 Is Actually Clocked At 1.29GHz [VIDEO]


It was previously assumed that the new Apple A6 processor in the iPhone 5 was clocked at only at 1.02Ghz, that’s not much faster than the A5 processor in the iPhone 4S. Apple had stated during the iPhone 5 keynote that the new iPhone 5 is nearly twice as fast as the iPhone 4S. So, […]

The iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4 Geekbench Comparison Chart


The fine folks over at 9to5mac were quick to point out some proposed iPhone 5 Geekbench results this evening that give Apple’s iPhone 5 a score of 1601. To actually understand how impressive this score is you should realize that no iOS device has ever cross 800 before; this even includes the iPad! Now don’t get […]

More Benchmark Data Indicates A 13″ Retina MacBook Is On The Way


The evidence is building up that a smaller version of the current MacBook with Retina might be on the way. Early last month, we saw a benchmark of what appeared to be a Retina MacBook with a different identity than that of the current one, and many believed it was a smaller version (mostly due to […]

New 13″ MacBook Pro With Retina Display May Arrive In October


One of the best things about the multi-platform benchmarking tool Geekbench is that all the results are uploaded to a big, user-browsable database. Sometimes, things show up that might not be available to the public yet, and we’re all left wondering what’s going on. In this case, Apple Insider spotted a benchmark log from what appears to […]

iPad 2,4 Is Cheaper For Apple, Provides Longer Battery Life Thanks To Samsung’s Manufacturing Process


Even with the new generation of iPad available, Apple is still selling iPad 2s. What you might not know is that Apple’s new iPad 2s have gotten a refresh. Because Apple is selling these iPads at a lower price they need to reduce their own costs to make a profit. One method by which they have […]

Apple’s iPad 2 A5 And The New iPad (iPad 3) A5X Vs NVIDIA’s Tegra 3, Results Are Shocking!


Remember how Phil Schiller claimed that the new iPad’s A5X processor provides 4x better graphics than NVIDIA’s Tegra 3? Well, NVIDIA did not quite believe that and thus asked for benchmark results. Then came the benchmarks, which indeed proved that the Apple’s new A5X processor provides faster and better graphics than the Tegra 3. New benchmark […]