Samsung Has Sold Over 100 Million Galaxy S Devices So Far


Samsung recently announced, via a Press Release and a photo released on Flickr, that their range of Galaxy S smartphones have sold over 100 million units. The numbers isn’t as big as it seems when compared to Apple’s iPhone, but it is a big deal nonetheless. In the world of Android smartphones, Samsung is a […]

How To: Install / Flash X-Bean ROM On Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 [GUIDE]


Developers work day and night to equip ROMs with the latest features and bug fixes. This time, XDA Developers’ member XYunkown has launched an updated version of the custom ROM X-Bean version 3.0 for the Galaxy S GT-i9000. This new version has properties of Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and some features of CyanogenMod 10 and AOSP […]

How To: Install / Flash C-RoM Mix On Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 [GUIDE]


Android 2.1 Éclair was the official OS of the Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000. The next update was in the form of Android 2.3 Gingerbread. After this update, Samsung didn’t announce any new OS upgrades for the device. However, custom ROMs came to the rescue of owners. XDA Developers’ member ‘aways’ has released a new ROM […]

Apple Identifies The Eight Samsung Devices They Want Banned


Now that Apple has effectively won their patent case against Samsung, the time has come for Apple to tell the court which of the devices that were found to be infringing they’d like to get injunctions against. Such an injunction would ban the named devices from sale in the United States, but to get those […]

Samsung Partially Off The Hook In Apple Patent Case: Galaxy Ace, International Versions Of Galaxy S, S II Cut From Case


This Monday marked the end of Apple’s offensive in their gigantic patent case against Samsung, as they rested their main case, and allowed the Samsung defense to begin. We’ve seen some strong attacks from Apple, but Samsung has also won a major victory: the international versions of two of their biggest phones, the Galaxy S […]

Samsung Wishes The Galaxy S Was More Like The iPhone, According To Internal Documents


The amount of corporate documents from both Apple and Samsung that are making their way into the public eye is reaching enormous levels, thanks to the huge patent case between the two tech giants that’s underway right now. The most recent document from Samsung, that Apple has managed to get entered into the court records, […]

Samsung’s Value Drops $10 Billion Because Investors Fear Apple Will Source Manufacturing To Its Competitors


While Apple claimed that Samsung became number 1 in worldwide smart phone sales by (allegedly) copying and profiting off of the iPhone’s design, it’s not like Samsung is nothing without Apple. That said, Samsung’s share price dropped 6.2% because of an Apple manufacturing rumor, according to Reuters. On Tuesday DigiTimes reported that Apple was buying a lot […]

Samsung Galaxy S III Shows Up On Samsung Support Page [Rumor]


With the success of the Samsung Galaxy S II, we only knew it wouldn’t be too long before we started hearing about the Galaxy S III. The people over at PocketNow have revealed what could be more evidence of a launch this year. According to them they have spotted what could be the model number of […]

Early Build Of CyanogenMod 9 Hit The Nexus S And Galaxy S


CyanogenMod has been known for their awesome custom ROMs and it looks like they have been busy at work with Ice Cream Sandwich’s source code. Earlier this month we talked about how CyanogenMod said they were now hard at work on creating something wonderful with the source code of Android 4.0 and it looks like […]

T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G Finally Updated To Gingerbread


Well for those with T-Mobile and rocking out with the Galaxy S 4G can now finally catch up to everyone else and have Gingerbread on their phone. Gingerbread is now officially available for your device. For the long waiting time it looks like Samsung even through in some gifts for you in the form of […]