Samsung Has Sold Over 100 Million Galaxy S Devices So Far


Samsung recently announced, via a Press Release and a photo released on Flickr, that their range of Galaxy S smartphones have sold over 100 million units. The numbers isn’t as big as it seems when compared to Apple’s iPhone, but it is a big deal nonetheless. In the world of Android smartphones, Samsung is a […]

How To: Get The Galaxy Note 2 Multi-Window Feature On Galaxy S2 [TUTORIAL]


Android users who have older devices have to appreciate the efforts made by the modding community. Plenty of features have been added that would otherwise be unavailable. Galaxy Note 2 owners got the Multi-Window feature back in October with the release of the XXALJ1 firmware. The exciting feature was craved for a long time and […]

How To: Flash / Install JellyBam ROM On Samsung Galaxy S2 [GUIDE]


Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 have a tough choice to make when it comes to installation of custom ROMs since there are so many available. Wouldn’t it be nice if the features of multiple ROMs could be offered in a single ROM? XDA Developers’ member iGio90 has made this possible by introducing the JellyBam ROM. […]

How To: Install ReVolt JB ROM On Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 [GUIDE]


Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is the smoothest OS to date. Galaxy S2 users can enjoy Android 4.1 Jelly Bean through the ReVolt JB custom ROM. The credit goes to XDA Developers’ member johnhany97. The ROM is based on CynaogenMod 10 and AOKP. This ROM brings an OTA Update Center application, working maps and much more […]

How To: Install ClockworkMod Recovery And Root Galaxy S2 i9100 [GUIDE]


Chainfire has made a solution that allows Galaxy S2 users to gain root access on the XXLPQ firmware. XDA Developers’ member CF-Root also brings BusyBox, ClockworkMod Recovery and SuperSU support. For those who don’t know, rooting gives one the power to customize your device. Although it technically voids the warranty, you can revert back to stock firmware to […]

Apple Identifies The Eight Samsung Devices They Want Banned


Now that Apple has effectively won their patent case against Samsung, the time has come for Apple to tell the court which of the devices that were found to be infringing they’d like to get injunctions against. Such an injunction would ban the named devices from sale in the United States, but to get those […]

Picture And Specs Emerge Of Samsung Galaxy S II Plus


Despite the Galaxy S III releasing awhile ago with great success, Samsung isn’t giving up on their previous flagship, the Galaxy S II. There’s been rumors of an Galaxy S II Plus floating around for a couple months, but now it’s beginning to look much more realistic. A  Chilean mobile carrier called VTR has posted […]

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Will Be Coming To The Samsung Galaxy S II


It’s been pretty up in the air whether Jelly Bean would make it onto Samsung’s former flagship device, the Galaxy S II. It’s been more or less replaced in the market now by the Galaxy S III, but it still has a massive user base, so many owners were clamoring for the Jelly Bean update. […]

Samsung Partially Off The Hook In Apple Patent Case: Galaxy Ace, International Versions Of Galaxy S, S II Cut From Case


This Monday marked the end of Apple’s offensive in their gigantic patent case against Samsung, as they rested their main case, and allowed the Samsung defense to begin. We’ve seen some strong attacks from Apple, but Samsung has also won a major victory: the international versions of two of their biggest phones, the Galaxy S […]

Everything You Need To Know About The Multi-Billion Dollar Apple VS Samsung Trials


As we’ve mentioned before, today marks the day that perhaps the biggest trial in patent law history begins. There will no doubt be weeks – if not months – of court proceedings to settle this matter, and it all began in earnest this morning. Apple and Samsung attempted to reach a settlement last week, but […]