Feature Points, An Alternative To Free My Apps

feature points

I’m always trawling the Internet looking for good deals and ways to try new apps for free, trying to save myself some money. I bet none of you like paying for an app that you will use for a day or two only to discover that you just have wasted your money. I also bet that, […]

Microsoft Is Sending Special Xboxen To Their Oldest Xbox Live Subscribers


With the tenth birthday of Xbox Live going down later this week, Microsoft has previously indicated that they plan to celebrate the occasion in some fashion. It’s been a remarkably successful service, and Microsoft has every reason to celebrate, but they haven’t really spilled the beans on what they have in mind for that celebration…until […]

Hulu Plus Comes To Apple TV, Lets You Try It Out FREE For A Week


Hulu is a common name in households today, many use this paid streaming service to watch their favorite shows and movies. Earlier today, Hulu announced the availability of its Hulu Plus service for users of Apple TV. Of course, if you had a jailbroken Apple TV, the service was already available to you, but this is good […]

‘HD’ Is The Most Common Word Used In iOS App Titles, Check Out The Full List Now


What makes an iOS user buy an app from the App Store? Well, it’s mostly the title, price and reviews. The title of an app plays a very important role in its sales, marketing, downloads etc. and thus, the developers have to name their app wisely. There are over 650,000 apps currently available in the […]

WhatsApp Messenger For iPhone Is Currently FREE For A Limited Time [Download Now]


WhatsApp Messenger is a popular cross-platform mobile messaging application that allows you to send messages without having to pay for costly texting plans. Even if you have unlimited texting, WhatsApp can be useful to text those who live in different countries. WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages […]

Dead Trigger Officially Released As Free-To-Play On Android Due To Rampant Piracy

Dead Trigger icon

Dead Trigger has gone free-to-play on Android, and you can thank your friendly neighborhood pirates for forcing Madfinger’s hand. The developers have found that even at the $1 price-point, pirates were installing cracked versions of Dead Trigger outside the Google Play Market. Dead Trigger is now entirely free-to-play. The game does feature in-app-purchases for quickly […]

Upgrade To OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion For Free If You Have A Qualifying Mac


During the WWDC 2012 Apple confirmed that those Macs purchased after June 11th, 2012 would be eligible for a free upgrade to Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion through their up-to-date program This applies to all Mac models whether it be a new MacBook Pro with Retina display or a MacBook Air. Recently Apple has updated […]

Chrome Browser For iOS Catapults To The Top Of The App Store Charts


Yesterday, Google unveiled two new apps for the rival iOS platform: Google Chrome and Google Drive. We got the chance to test out both of the apps and have reported our thoughts on them, but now, we bring you some more exciting news around the latest Google apps. Although Google’s Chrome browser is a fantastic […]

Atari’s 40 Years Of Historic Games Are All Free On iOS Today


The company that may well hold bragging rights as the oldest videogame company still alive celebrated its 40th birthday today, and as part of the celebration, all of the games in their Greatest Hits collection on iOS are absolutely free for the rest of the day. If you’ve ever enjoyed a classic game of Pong, […]

Spotify For iPhone And iPad Gets Free Streaming Radio, Only For U.S Customers


Spotify, the popular music streaming app just got a big update that brings a new free radio to the app. Users can now create their own radio stations based on their favorite songs, albums, artists etc. This service is currently only available for U.S customers who have an account with Spotify. Premium account holders elsewhere […]