Major Battery Life Issues Reported With iOS 6.1, Here Are Some Solutions

It seems like almost every firmware iteration I write an article regarding battery life issues. Yesterday, TheNextWeb wrote a large piece on the amount of Apple support threads claiming issues with battery life on iOS 6.1. I have heard mixed stories from comments and Twitter about whether battery life has been effected on iOS 6.1. […]

Having Gmail IMAP Problems? You’re Not Alone, Here’s Is A Temporary Solution


If you have been having troubles accessing Gmail through IMAP on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android device then you will be glad to know you are not alone. There is currently some issues with accessing Gmail through email clients, as users are receiving an “mail service is not responding” error message. AllThingsD was actually […]

Having Trouble Installing OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion? Common Issues And Fixes


Since Mountain Lion was released today, we thought it would be useful to pass on some common issues that have been cropping up, in case your install didn’t “just work.” While some problems may require more in-depth support from your friendly neighborhood genius, many issues can be resolved by over-the-counter tech support voodoo. The most […]

How To Fix iPhone App Compatibility In Quasar


We recently reviewed Quasar, a window manager which enables true multitasking on the iPad. Quasar is a great interface tweak but its support for iPhone apps is limited. Features like window scaling, fullscreen mode, and landscape rotation only currently work with iPad applications. What’s more, iPhone apps seem to be the most vulnerable to Quasar’s bugs. […]

Fix iPhoto Crashes/Bugs On iOS 5.0.1 With iPhoto501Fix Cydia Tweak

Screen Shot 2012-03-13 at 8.40.15 PM

Along with the new iPad announcement on March 7th, Apple released the iPhoto application and updates for other popular applications developed by Apple like iMovie. Although new application and updates are always welcome, it was unfortunate to find out you needed to be on iOS 5.1 to take advantage of them. It was recently found out […]

Apple Is Disabling Siri Ports Like Spire On Non-iPhone 4S Devices [Fix Included]


It is currently being reported by numerous sources around the Internet and everyday people on Twitter that some problems are arising while using Siri on non-iPhone 4S devices. After doing some more research into the matter it appears that Apple has added a new token to verify Siri requests, dubbed SetActivationToken. With this new token […]

iOS 5 Battery Fix Cydia Tweak Supposedly Fixes iPhone 4S Battery Issues

Since the day Apple launched the iPhone 4S, users have been complaining about battery issues. Customers reported that the battery drained faster than ever on the new iPhone 4S versus previous generations of the iPhone. Apple responded by saying that there was a bug in iOS 5, which was later partially fixed in iOS 5.0.1. […]

How To: Fix iBooks Crash Error On iOS 5.0.1 Untethered With iBooksFix2 From Insanelyi Repo


During the least couple of days we have shared with you a couple of fixes for the iBooks crashing error on the iOS 5.0.1 firmware. Now, in case our last iBooks crash fix tutorials did not work for you: Fix iBooks Crash Error Manually Fix iBooks Crash Error With xsellize Repo We are providing one […]

How To: Easily Fix iBooks Crash Error On iOS 5.0.1 Untethered With xSellize Repo


Earlier today we showed you how to fix the iBooks crashing error on the iOS 5.0.1 firmware with an Untethered Jailbreak. The method we showed you has had mixed reactions, and involves manually adding a .deb file to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad using a filesystem browsing tool like i-funbox. Due to numerous comments and […]

How To: Fix iBooks Crash Error On iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad With iOS 5.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak


There has been a lot of errors associated with Jailbreaking the iOS 5.0.1 firmware Untethered. In order to fix these errors the iPhone Dev-Team have released an update to RedSn0w bringing RedSn0w to version 0.9.10b3. Additionally, Saurik has released an update for MobileSubstrate, dubbed MobileSubstrate 0.9.3995 to fix Cydia tweak errors being Jailbroken on the […]