Mozilla Announces Two Developer FireFox OS Handsets Called Keon And Peak


We talked about FireFox OS quite a bit last year and although we think there is too many similarities to iOS, it still looks like it has some potential. Today the folks behind FireFox OS, Mozilla, have announced a partnership with a Spanish startup called Geeksphone that will be manufacturing two FireFox OS developer devices […]

Firefox OS Simulator Now Available For Download


Mozilla’s Firefox OS Simulator just saw its version 1.0 release. Though Firefox phones haven’t yet seen the light of day, you can download a plugin directly from Mozilla and test out their phone interface yourself. The simulator should work with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers running the latest version of Firefox. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen […]

Nokia Announces New Mapping Application ‘Here’, To Be Available On iOS, Android And Firefox OS


Nokia has gone ahead and announced a new mapping platform called ‘Here‘, expanding on its previous mapping applications, at an event in San Francisco today. Apart from Lumia devices running Windows Phone 8, HERE Maps can be accessed on iOS, Android devices, Windows 8 and also on the Firefox OS. The Finland based company recently […]

Check Out What The Firefox Marketplace Will Look Like In Firefox OS


Firefox has been allowing developers to download nightly builds of Firefox OS, previously known as Boot to Gecko for some time now. Although you can’t actually install Firefox OS on a smartphone you can download the HTML5 and Javascript mobile platform and install it on your computer. One aspect that has not been possible to […]

Play With The New Firefox OS On Your Desktop, With New Builds Daily [Download Now]


By now, the cat’s pretty well out of the bag on Firefox’s attempt at building a mobile OS, code-named “Boot to Gecko.” We saw a screenshot of the OS earlier today, with a whole lot of similarities to the iOS interface. You can’t actually buy a phone with the OS on it yet, but if […]

Look At These Firefox OS/Boot To Gecko Screenshots, Too Similar To iOS?


I did not believe these screenshots of Firefox OS from Techweek Europe were genuine until I downloaded the latest nightly build of Boot To Gecko to verify the rumor. What happened, Mozilla? Your initial build of Boot To Gecko looked so unlike any smartphone UI I’ve ever seen. Now you’re entering a crowded marketplace with […]

Mozilla Wants To Make A Firefox Mobile OS, Will Enter The Market In 2013


Mozilla announced on their official blog today that they’re making serious preparations for a Firefox mobile OS. They have a hardware partner on board to make phones for them, and several worldwide mobile carriers backing them. The OS itself will try to follow in the Firefox browser’s footsteps, with a fully open code base built […]