The App Store’s Display Recorder Is Not Ryan Petrich’s App, Shouldn’t Be Possible In The App Store


Who would imagine there would be two jailbreak knockoff apps available in the iTunes App Store so soon together? The “Display Recorder” in the App Store is not the same as the Display Recorder application available through Cydia, and is also not associated with its creator, Ryan Petrich. For his part, Petrich recently announced on […]

Fake 1080p Apple TV 3G Jailbreak Surfaces In Form Of Seas0nPass [Do Not Be Fooled]


It is no doubt the new 1080p Apple TV 3G has pleased those searching for a full HD media streaming solution from Apple. The only individuals who are not as pleased with the Apple TV 3G are those who thought a Jailbreak would follow shortly after its release. With Pod2G releasing the iOS 5.1.1 Untethered […]

Fake The iOS Homescreen On Android With Fake iPhone 4S App


This app could be useful for those who are stuck using an Android device, but actually wanted to own an iOS device. If you’re one of those and want to at least look and feel the homescreen of an iPhone on your Android device, then this app is for you! Of course, you will not […]

FakeLocation Cydia Application: Fake Your Location For A Specific App On iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad


FakeLocation is an oldie but goodie. Available in Cydia since 2009, this package lets you fake your GPS location to any app. While this may, at first, seem to be only for the sketchy, it does have real world applications and value. If you have ever wanted to use an app that wasn’t available in […]