How To: Downgrade iOS Facebook App 3.5 To A Lower Version [Updated]


Facebook recently updated their Facebook iOS app with a bunch of new features and bug fixes (bringing the iOS Facebook app to version 3.5). While these additional features and bug fixes which are always appreciated, Facebook has deleted the files that the FaceForward tweak relied on to provide an iPad compatible version of Facebook. If […]

How To: Install Facebook App On iPad Using FaceForward [Tweak]


Just moments ago we mentioned a new tweak called FaceForward that re-enables the Facebook for iPad application. This guide will now show you how to install the official Facebook application on iPad using FaceForward. NOTE: A jailbroken iPad is required for this to work. You can follow our step-by-step guides below to jailbreak your iPad (first-generation): iOS […]

FaceForward: Enable Official Facebook App For iPad [Cydia Tweak]


Well known iOS developer Ryan Petrich released an update for the FullForce Cydia application, which allowed for the installation of the native iPad Facebook application that was discovered packed away in the new Facebook for iPhone update. Soon afterwards, Facebook restricted the iPad application, and began removing users from their servers. Earlier today, as part of […]