Facebook Releases New Snapchat Competitor Called Slingshot


Facebook has been working on a Snapchat competitor for a while now, after their previous attempt Poke failed. The company even tried to buy Snapchat, but that deal didn’t go through. Hence, Facebook used its own Creative Labs team and has come up with Slingshot. Slingshot is similar to Snapchat, as it lets you instantly share […]

Facebook Acquires WhatsApp For $16 Billion


It has just been reported that Facebook is buying WhatsApp for $16 billion according to a Form 8K filed with the SEC. The deal involved Facebook paying $4 billion up front in cash and $12 billion in Facebook stock for the messaging company. There will also be another $3 billion in restricted stock units which will be granted  to […]

Facebook’s Paper App Introduces New Way To Use Facebook


Facebook has released a brand new app called Paper, which introduces a seamless and beautiful way of viewing your News Feed. The app was released on to the App Store yesterday and is available as a free download. The app will slightly remind you of Flipboard, another popular News Reader app. The gestures in Facebook’s […]

iOS App Updates: Google Drive, Facebook Messenger And Twitter


iOS apps, Google Drive, Facebook Messenger and Twitter have received new updates that adds some new and useful features to these apps. Google recently updated the Drive app with plenty of new features such as multiple accounts, wireless printing, ability to open links in chrome and more. Now, the latest update, adds some more useful […]

SnapChat Reportedly Turned Down A $3 Billion Buyout From Facebook


Facebook has been known to make some large acquisitions, just look at how much it paid for Instagram… nearly $1 billion. According to The Wall Street Journal, however, the Social Network Giant just offered “at least $3 billion” cash to acquire SnapChat. It’s a known fact that Facebook wants to get more active on the […]

Facebook Acquires Onavo For $120 Million To Improve Data Compression And More


Facebook announced that it acquired Onavo today, which is an Israel-based startup that focusses on two key areas. This includes minimizing data usage while surfing the web along with optimizing iOS/Android app performance and analytics for mobile publishers. The acquisition was initially rumored to be at the $200 million plus level, but it was recently […]

Facebook Is Preparing To Roll Out Auto-Playing Videos (And Video Ads) To Its Mobile Apps


Facebook has announced that it will be making it easier than ever to watch videos on your newsfeed. There will be new auto-playing videos in your newsfeed and guess what!? It will even be open to advertisers eventually. Isn’t that great? The new auto-playing videos will function a lot like Vine where there will be no […]

You Have 1 Year Until Facebook Ruins Instagram


As soon as Facebook bought Instagram it was obvious that ads would be coming to the service .In fact late last year the company announced it wanted to utilize your photos in personalized averting, but due to a big user uproar decided to hold off. Even though Facebook backed off on the ads then, it was […]

Facebook Could Be Announcing Video Sharing Within Instagram On Thursday


In case you didn’t hear, Facebook will be holding a press event this week… and no it won’t be to discuss the fact that there is now hashtags within the social network. The event has been scheduled for June 20th, 2013 and the invitation reads “A small team has been working on a big idea. […]

Facebook Could Be Acquiring The Crowdsourced GPS Application Waze For Upwards Of $1 Billion

Facebook And Waze

If you haven’t heard of Waze before it is a navigation app that relies on information collected from its userbase to offer not only turn-by-turn directions, but also notifications for things like road hazards, traffic jams, accidents and police traps. In essence Waze is a crowdsourced GPS application that even Apple has been rumored to […]