Facebook Acquires WhatsApp For $16 Billion

It has just been reported that Facebook is buying WhatsApp for $16 billion according to a Form 8K filed with the SEC. The deal involved Facebook paying $4 billion up front in cash and $12 billion in Facebook stock for the messaging company. There will also be another $3 billion in restricted stock units which will be granted  to […]

How To Get System-Wide Facebook ChatHeads On iOS Right Now With The MessageBox Beta Cydia Tweak [VIDEO]

In the middle of April we told you that developer Adam Bell was working to bring system-wide Chat Heads to iOS and actually had a working version, which was demoed by The Verge. It was stated in the video that Bell would release this Chat Heads hack in the form of a Cydia tweak shortly. Although […]

System-Wide Facebook Chat Heads Cydia Tweak In The Works, In The Mean Time Here’s How To Enable It

We told you a couple days ago that the official Facebook for iOS app was updated with Chat Head functionality that allowed you to essentially message your friends without leaving the current page you were viewing through the Facebook app. This feature was already present in Facebook Home and was initially where it stemmed from. […]

How To: Install Facebook Home Pre-Release On Your Android Smartphone

Facebook Home and the HTC First (the very first Android smartphone to pre-ship with Facebook Home) will be available on April 12th. For those that can’t wait that long to get their hands on Facebook’s new Android overlay, Modaco has actually discovered a way to install it on certain Android handsets ahead of time. Unfortunately […]

How To: Prevent An Application From Alerting Your Facebook Friends On Your Behalf

Has it ever bugged you that an application requiring Facebook Connect has been alerting your friends on Facebook of various achievements? I personally started occasionally playing a game called Megapolis (which I urge you to check out… sorry if it ruins your life) and because you need to connect with Facebook to do certain things it […]

Copy Text From Facebook’s News Feed With The Enable Copy Text In Facebook Cydia Tweak

Facebook only allows you to copy comments, but it doesn’t let you copy text from the newsfeed. If you have ever wanted to copy text directly from the newsfeed, only to be disappointed this functionality isn’t supported, you will want to check out the Enable Copy Text In Facebook Cydia tweak. What this Cydia tweak […]

How To: Transfer Your Photos From Instagram To Flickr The Smart Way

Yesterday we went into detail on how to backup your Instagram photos to your computer or to the cloud and then delete your Instagram account. This is of course in relation to the recent Terms Of Service update Instagram pushed that gives it the right to use your photos in personalized ads. Although the Terms […]

How To: Backup Your Instagram Photos And Then Delete Your Account

With Instagram writing themselves a suicide note by changing their terms of service to let them sell any photo you upload to the service to corporations to use in their advertising campaigns, I have a feeling a lot of you will be wanting to delete your Instagram account until the photo sharing giant reverts its […]

Share To Facebook Wherever You Highlight Text With Facebook For Action Menu [Cydia Tweak]

Facebook’s integration in iOS 6 allows for more options to share content to your timeline. You can share from the camera roll, or pages through Safari and other apps, and even ask Siri to update your Facebook status for you–but like the Twitter integration it also allows for homebrew developers to directly integrate integrate Facebook […]

Customize Facebook Pro Cydia Tweak Works With Facebook 5.X

Do you find the split menu bar in Facebook’s mobile app annoying? Why’s there an easily triggerable gesture to open the menu bar when the button’s already right there? You’d think there would be a toggle for the gesture built into the app, but there isn’t. What about the way Facebook looks? If you could […]