iOS 7 Beta 5 Expires On October 6th According To iH8Sn0w


Apple released the iOS 7 Beta 5 firmware this morning and like all beta versions of Apple’s iOS firmware, they contain expiry timers. These expiry timers will force anyone who is running a beta firmware past a certain date to update to the next beta firmware or the latest firmware version available at that time. iH8Sn0w has recently tweeted that the iOS 7 beta 5 build 11A4449a firmware will expire on Sunday, October […]

The iOS 6.1 Firmware Will Likely Not Be Released Until January, Expiry Date Pushed Back To January 28th 2013


On December 3rd Apple released the iOS 6.1 beta 3 firmware with an expiry date of Friday December 28th, 2012 at 12AM (GMT). This specific date was the same day iOS 6 beta 2 expired and generally when this happens it means Apple is planning to release the specific beta version sometime before that date. That […]

The iOS 6.1 Beta 2 Firmware Will Expire On December 28th


Apple released the iOS 6.1 beta 2 build 10B5105c firmware to developers moments ago and sure enough iH8Sn0w has tweeted when the beta firmware expires. According to iH8Sn0w the iOS 6.1 beta 2 firmware will expire on December 28th, 2012 at 12AM (GMT). Apple implemented expiry timers on beta firmwares to ensure developers who update to […]

The iOS 5.1 Beta 3 Firmware Expires On March 14th, 2012


Earlier today we told you that Apple released a new beta version of the iOS 5.1 firmware. This new beta version brings the iOS 5.1 firmware to beta 3 and it has been said to include numerous bug fixes over the previous beta version of the iOS 5.1 firmware and even a 3G toggle present in […]

iOS 5.0.1 Beta 2 (9A404) Firmware Will Expire December 14, 2011


Apple seems to be rapidly pushing these iOS 5.0.1 beta firmwares to the public as soon as possible. In fact it was only a couple of days ago that Apple released the iOS 5.0.1 beta 1 firmware, and now today Apple has pushed another beta of the iOS 5.0.1 firmware dubbed iOS 5.0.1 beta 2. […]